Saturday, July 06, 2013

Distracted by Rhinos...pt2

What better thing to do on a 4th of July than parade your armies about? Well since I had no plans at all on the 4th, and it was for the most part a rainy day, I stayed in to paint models. Instead of finishing that regiment of Fantasy Orcs, I found myself painting tanks. Again, I was distracted-by-rhinos!

In particular, I just wanted to get this rhino painted. It has been kicking around with just a shadow grey base coat for almost a decade now, and I was tired of seeing it in this state. BTW, this is one that my previous local game store gave me, it was left behind after a weekend of gaming and unclaimed after a few weeks so he gave it to me. It was torn up bad and missing pieces, so I added an assortment of tank accessories from some Tamiya kits and other bits to sort of make up for it.

Drawing on the claws in pencil.

Drawing the claws onto the roof hatch, added door handles after this.

I have gotten fairly good at hand drawing and painting these 'claw' iconography onto Space Wolf tanks. It is still a pain the but doing them on Space Marine shoulder pads though.

Adding the scab red basecoat.

Adding the Firey Orange base-coat for the yellow
Yeah, yeah, I hear you: "But Neverness, don't you hate Blood Claws?" Well, not the concept, just their current state. And this tank was always theirs. So I stuck with plan.

Adding the mid-coat.

Adding the Space Wolf Grey coat.
 It wasn't long after this that I had the realization that I would never but Blood Claws into this tank. It only makes sense to put them, in a maxed out squad, into a Land Crusader.

All well...LOL

I also deepened the low-lights on my Leman Russ Exterminator (that'll get it's own post eventually) and my whirlwind, which has earned it's additional paint job with it's recent battlefield performance. I not only darkened it's tone, but finished the hull all the way up to the white highlight. I just need to apply a few more touch-ups and it is done. Also I am stuck on where to place the Storm Bolter add on? This original model really didn't provide a spot for it. Thinking on it, it is the reason we stuck the stormbolter on the dover-blade on this Dark Angel whirlwind.  I rarely take any upgrades to my whirlwinds, as they really only have one role, so I might just leave it off.

Looking at it reduced, I think I need to darken it a bit more...


I have added a new page called Other Armies to summarize and provide links to my armies that aren't Space Wolves or Orks. Check it out on the top bar on this blog. I have pics there that do not appear anywhere else on this blog. It is a never-ending work in progress which I intend to continuously update.

 I hope you enjoy!


Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, I just sold my contingent of those old OOP IG. Rhino looks good, would look even better if it were on the table and filled with your favorite blood Claws!

neverness said...

...*sigh*.... After seeing what 17 pts of guardian on jetbike can do vs. 15 or of Blood Claw I doubt anyone will see Blood Claws for a long time!