Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bink's Birthday Bash!

"I know I dropped it around here somewhere...".
Last night we gathered for a massive 40k game, and since it was the eve before Bink's birthday we decided to have two Ork armies (Waaagh Bink and Waaagh RorRuk) square off against Screech's Chaos army (yes, the nefarious Thousand Sons (of Bitches) deploying from their battle barge The Velvetta Scourge) along with Jim's Blood Angels (of Khorne, apparently). Since we all had 1500pt armies made up, we just went with those.

Setting up the BAs...

Knowing that time was limited for such a large scale game we agreed to try to limit our movement phases to 15 minutes tops. We choose to e deploy on the long table edges, and chose Purge the Alien as out mission.

Orks set up on the right side of their DZ

Orks set up on the left side.

Thousand Sons set up

Blood Angels set up and the start for 1st turn moves...
Surge in a pop smoke!

And here are the highlights
Turn One Blood Angels/1K Sons
  • A Blood Angel Drop Pod lands in the middle of our Deployment zone cutting off a key path between one of the high rises and a bunker. It deploys a dreadnought with twin-linked heavy flamer! (ulp!)
  • The BA dread blows up the trukk that was transporting Mad Doc Grotsnik!
  • BA Bikers shoot up my Kommandos who break and run!
  • One of my Deff Dredds takes HP damaged from the 1K Sons Landraider.
The BA dread blows up a Mad Doc's Trukk!

Turn One: Orks
  • None of my shooting was effective at all! I rolled a lot ones considering that I needed 5+ to hit, yeah I expected to miss, but jeeesh! I killed a single Devastator marine.
  • Mad Doc's retinue is a mob of 'Ard Boys who charge with frothing fury at the fire throwing dread, but it is no match against all of that rage and is wrecked.
And a dreadnought dies

Turn two BA/1K sons

Thousand Sons and Dread Co. Dread tearing up the Ork lines
  • The Death Company Dread is deployed via Drop Pod into the left portion of the Ork's deployment zone. It blows up my Battle Wagon with a lucky shot!
  • A squad of Thousand Sons marines lead by his Warlord, a Chaos Sorcerer, arrive via Dread Claw. They shoot up, and charge Bink's Bikers, killing his Warlord in a Challenge, defeating them and running them down. It was a humbling affair but at least one of the Thousands Sons died via overwatch.
  • On the other flank, the Chosen charge my slugga mob, and champion challenges my squad's Nob. They kill each other! The two units remain locked in combat...

Turn Two: Orks

  • We focus most of our fire on the left flank on that Death Co. Dread. It simply must go! And after taking HPs to a Weird Boy Zzzap! it's my Lootas T7 guns that finished it off.
  • On the right, Bink's Deff Coptas and my Dredd shoot the heck out of a 1K son's Rhino and fail to do anything to it! My dredd charges it and wipes it out with a power klaw!
Look, more things to kill!
  • Desperate, and statistically challenged, the Burna Boys charge the Thousand Sons. They are crushed by the Thousand Sons who slowly and purposely stride across their fuel soaked corpses.
"You Blood Angels just hang back an' watch this..."
  •  My slugga mob wipe out all but one of the Chosen, and he's the guy with fearless banner! So, this one guy has my Warlord and big mob locked in combat with him.
"HA! I will take you ALL on!!!"
  • My Kommados, who rallied on our Turn one and have been making their way over to the BA Bikers that have been shooting at them, attempted and failed a charge against them.

it struck us that it was now nearing 2 am, and most of us were feeling it hard! The funny thing is, when you're having this much fun it only feels like 2 hours have past, but in fact MANY hours passed and passed quickly! We agreed to call it there and tally our VPs, declaring the BA/1K Son alliance the victors! All of us were itching to continue, but we just HAD to stop. Still, it was good fun and all units got to participate (regardless of their effectiveness, heheh).

Looking down the Ork lines, another round or two and it was going to get SERIOUSLY bloody
As we packed up we tried to figure out what happened: how can we do this on a Friday night and actually finish the game? Shy of playing with a greatly reduced point agreement, we probably can't. We would need to agree to play an all day game starting at noon or so get through this kind of Epic awesomeness. Still, finishing wasn't the point: it was the fun of getting our war-cries out and hanging out together, and enjoying the time well spent, and that is what this is all about! It was a good start to Bink's Birthday weekend: we'll see if we can top it next time!


Da Masta Cheef said...

Happy Birthday to the Bink! Seems all the awesome people are born in August! ;-p

Sorry I couldn't attend, family in town and a NASCAR night race was in the way. Also its good to see Jim finally get over the denial, and to have his BA finally embrace their true father: Khorne.

Kushial said...

Looks like it was an enjoyable game. The multiplayer ones can be a lot of fun with the right mix of people.

Edwin said...

Sounds like alot of fun. I always wanted to do a good size multiplayer game and bring an assault army, but I am always scared it will get to turn 3 and time for the army to start assautling and we will have to call time or something XD