Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rubble! Rubble!

Here's a quick one for you.

While recognizing the urgent need for more scenery pieces for my game table, and being on a tight budget, I came up with the idea making big rubble piles. Particularly big rubble piles out of the discarded frames from Citadel plastic miniatures. So, I aggressively set about randomly cutting up and gluing together a few frames, and this is what you see here!

I then added a few random bits just to break up and pattern one could see as well as give them a sense of scale, otherwise they'll just look like a pile of chopped up sprue. I happened to have some extra tires which, let's face it, nothing says "urban decay" more than random tires! ...Ok, burning barrels maybe, but I don't have many of those. I painted these using black spray paint, 3 shades of grey, 3 shades of brown, and some brown and orange ink for the rusty bits.

To make these thing useable I had to make them high enough to actually obscure a model so as to provide real LOS blocking cover. There is an Emperor's Children marine behind this pile (He has mastered the art of remaining hidden!).

 Elevating the camera higher, the Chaos Space Marine is revealed!

Now, the economic implications of this project needs to addressed. With the increased costs of buying plastic miniatures one must consider the money wasted when empty frames are discarded. Seriously, considering how much money you could be tossing away each time you chuck out one of these things once the bits have been removed! If you considered the weight of the frame vs. the cost, it's enough to drive a miser into massacre mode! So, even if you have no other bits, maximize your plastic box set purchase: every squad comes with a rubble pile!

What you need:

  • Empty model frames (sprues)
  • Clippers or an xacto blade
  • Model glue
  • a base (optional, but trust me, it helps)
  • random bits (tires, barrels, armor plates, doors, hatches, etc.-all of which are optional).

Now, have at it,


Knight of Infinite Resignation said...

nice idea. Did you use a CD for the base?

neverness said...

No, it's a GW Titan base (50mm?). Same size as a Dreadnought base, but flat. In hind sight I should have used square 40mm bases as I have far of them, but whatever....