Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sherman Firefly (part two)

I have made some more progress on the Sherman Firefly tank since the first post. 

I started the painting of this model by brushing on a layer of Apple Barrel Colors Forest Green. Note that I did not prime this model, as I want the thinnest layers possible on it. This is really only a concern on the metal parts ultimately, as I fear this decision could lead to chipping, but I will just have to be cautious as well as remembering to be liberal with the matte varnish! 

The next step was to take a can of Tamiya Color Olive Drab 2 spray paint (TS-28) and spray a layer over the slightly darker Forest Green. This seemingly backwards way of painting a model (in my mind anyway) actually worked!

The freshly sprayed on Olive Drab
Next I went back and touched up a few spots with the Forrest Green, then I painted the track assembly with Citadel Abaddon Black. Ultimately I will apply metallic paint to that area to, well, 'metal it up' a bit more as well as add some layers of 'dirt'.

Base coating the treads
Next, I mixed green, black and (a dot of) yellow ink to create a dark Olive Drab ink. I then applied this to the joins and recesses around the tank, as well as using it a glaze like manner on the indented surfaces of the tank.

And the next steps will be the treads (and If I can get them soon) the decals, before I start to apply any weathering and battle effects. Unlike a 40K tank, I believe these historical models should look like they mostly do in the photos, and not over painted with extreme low-to-high lights. That's what I've tricked myself into justifying this simplified approach to painting to anyway! Contrast that to the glimpse of Chaos Vindicator in the above pic, which is waiting for it's highlights!

While searching for actual pics of this tank to use as a reference, I found some cool historical footage that I found quite inspiring. Also, I might add, I believe that my feeling that the Warlord 1/56th scale models just might be too small maybe right after all. Enough to make me think that any additional models should be chosen at the 1/48 scale. Despite this feeling, I am still on the fence regarding this whole scale matter.


Screech said...

If you do go 1/48 for the love of all things holy, DON'T GET ANYTHING OPEN-TOPPED! Not only will you hate yourself, but your loved ones who have nothing to do with it will hate you as well.

neverness said...

That sounds like experience talking there Screech!

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, he had a big ol' rant about it on the phone the other day!

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, he had a big ol' rant about it on the phone the other day!

SinSynn said...

That sure is one sweet lookin' tanky-tank.
Bolt Action is actually becoming tempting now that they're adding vehicles left and right.

neverness said...

Thanks! Yeah, Warlord has been putting out some nice stuff lately. I wish my local game stores carried more of it though, as I bet if the plastic kits were available we could pick up a few more players.