Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 in review

Ah, another year has passed! Just like I did a year ago I shall look back on my modeling and hobby time accomplishments.

And what a totally screwed up year 2014 has been! Lots of life and career changes have occurred, but I feel that the year is ending on a positive note with many bright points approaching in the future that I am looking forward too (more on that later).

A new year, a new paradigm.
But despite all that real life stuff, I have found some time to make a few hobby things happen. In the first chunk of the year I was able to pretty much start off exactly like I thought I would and get working on my World Eaters. But I was still tinkering with my Ultramarines and with using the new Space Marine codex. In particular I was getting used to the combat doctrines and using them during the game. I kept forgetting about the damned things so I whipped up some combat doctrine tokens to remind me. I began the year working on a squad of Tyranid Hunters, but quickly abandoned them when they proved to suck against the army that they were allegedly supposed to rock against.

...and I still forgot about them during the game! 
But Khorne was calling me, and I began work on the World Eaters. I managed to paint a full squad of Khorne Berserkers  however I have yet to post a final post on this unit mainly due to the fact that I have somehow lost my World Eater decals! (I know those damned things are somewhere! Grrr!).


 So when they are ever decaled and flocked I will post a finale for them.

"Cover? They just ignore it anyway..."

I did try them out in a game and after their humbling defeat, I built a Land Raider for them to ride around in.

Blood Dumpster!

I also added a hellbrute to run, or jog or skip along with them. All this Khorne stuff is an amazing output for me, and I am still "feeling Khorney". The reason I was able to focus on these models and actually finish them was that my living conditions at the time forced me to put everything up when I was no longer working on them, I couldn't just spread them out like I typically do and take them for granted. I have already started a 2nd Khorne Berserker unit, Kharne the Betrayer and a Vindicator of khorne.

The Bloodbrute.
My moving around did also force me to make a proper carrying case for my fantasy Orcs and it also inspired me to work on them a bit this year. Although these aren't finished I hope to get more done on this army soon, especially the my War Boss, Da-Leada-of-da-Waaargh.


And in December of 2014 I finally began my first Bolt Action project: A Sherman Firefly.

As real life cuts into my time and the changes and plans that are coming my way continue to cut into my hobby time I am challenged to try to finish some of these current projects.

This just focused on what I have done with models. But one can not discuss Warhammer 40,000 without discussing how the game has changed this year. My god, the sheer amount of product released is somewhat staggering! And to top it off with a new edition so soon after the launch of the last one caught most of us by surprise. I still don't own a copy of the new rules yet (notice that there hasn't been any battle reports on this blog since then?) so I have no true opinion yet on the new rules. I am annoyed that the cards (data packs?) are so limited as they seem like valuable components to the game now. Actually, don't get me started on GW's whole limited edition craze, as it's a major turn off to both me and many players out here! In fact, this whole edition has been a major turn-off to many of my local players, and sadly I am seeing the game dying here locally. But heck, this isn't the first time this happened, I myself pretty much skipped the 4th edition of 40K, but this is far bigger than me this time...

But enough of that, I have also done some real 2-D art this year, a few portraits, and the one that I started this post with. That one is a pic of the future Spawn of Neverness... We're hoping for a girl! :)

As you can imagine, I've got a lot to look forward to in the new year!

-Joel (Neverness).


Da Masta Cheef said...

blood dumpster...that's fantastic!

Greg Hess said...

On the appears the change in leadership has also changed the thought on "restricted limited edition". They started releasing cards for free in white dwarf, the main cards digitally, and supposedly will be reprinting all the codex cards.

So they seem to be learning at least!
Looking forward to what you do this year! Happy new year!

neverness said...

Well, that's good news if that pans out. Thanks Greg.

Hive Angel said...

2014 ...

Hmm 2.0

Bitz Store said...

Ever project in the hobby :), we pass all there and yet it does not follow the pace and the queue is still growing.

neverness said...

WTF are you really trying to say Bitz Store?!