Saturday, September 05, 2015

Weird Boy

For what seems like ages now, I have had this model in various stages of completion in my painting queue. Seriously, I think I started on this as far back as December 2009...

...So with my recent Gorkamorka distraction, I decided to finish this model.  And I am quite pleased with the results.

So some history about this model for those who don't know it or have never seen this model before now,

This is the original weirdboy released during the initial ork expansion of 1989. If I recall he was sold in a blister pack by himself and was only ever produced in lead. As the ork line continued to expand he was quickly joined by bigger models and weirdboys that were clan specific (my personal fav being the Warphead released for the Feebooters book). But this little guy has always kind of nailed the original concept to me, as a reluctant participant of the battle who just wants the noise in his 'ead to stop!

So around 2009 Warfrog hooked me up with a freezer bag full of Rogue Trader era 40k orks and I got another one of these guys for my collection. By this point the game was now basing weirdboyz on 40mm bases and I thought it would be cool to put him on one. Only he's such a weedy git that he looked very strange on that size base.

I had recently rewatched the Blues Brothers movie and I guess the floating nun from that move had me thinking of supernatural levitation or something because while tinkering with the miniature I saw that if I cut the slotta tab off and bent the feet downwards I would give the impression of him "floating".

I put a flight stand rod in the center of the 40mm base, modeled the terrain on it, then cut a straw to fit over the clear rod so as to avoid getting paint and glue on it. Eventually cutting the rod down to a height that seemed visually appealing to me before mounting the finished weirdboy on top of it.

The part of the model that had stumped me for the longest time was trying to figure out how to paint the cloth that is wrapped around his right knee. Just last week I decided to paint it like a bloody bandage and be done with it.

And here he is, completed in his 'ead banging glory, ready to warpvomit on to some unsuspecting panzies!


Kardos Darkforge said...

haha, i LOVE it! still a very cool model

Greg Hess said...

Very cool model, and awesome idea/job on the stand and base!