Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vindicator of Khorne (part 4)

With much perseverance I have completed this model! Yay!

Looking for Blood & Skulls in the Mosslands of Backyardistan IV

When we left off in part-3, I had the gunner and the add-on bits left to do. These were done fairly quickly in the fleeting moments I could find, and I think they turned out OK.

The add-on bitz
The chains were done to look old and weathered, or a better word might be used. Next time you see a big truck (or lorry for my English audience) look to see if you see any chains on it, and you'll note that they usually look rusted and brown as opposed to shiny and new, which is typically how you see these chains and spikes painted on the chaos tanks in GW's sales presentations.

Skulls, The Khornate answer to trucknutz. 
Also added a bi more chipped paint. I assumed that any of these heavy powered armor bastards tried to climb up the side ladder that some paint would wear off. Also, bullet holes. And yes the scroll says "blood". Original, I know, but it's a small scroll and couldn't think of anything else. Which is appropriate as that's all these Khorne gusy are supposed to be able to think about. And skulls too, but that seemed sillier to but on the scroll than 'blood'. Not sure why this is hang up for me considering that these psycho all have "blood bunny" helmets, but I digress...

Next was the gunner who was a bit more tricky as I had to assemble him as I painted the model.

I painted up the shoulder pads and added the World Eater decal to his left shoulder pad. Micro Set and Micro Sol are proving to be heroes for me this area. My pal the Doctor has been using this stuff for years but I was impressed with the first examples he showed me, but with some experimenting I have been able to make it work for me, and I am pleased with the results so far..

Wrong shoulder, but check 
I got the shield glued back on the side, however this is a piece I will have to continue to watch out for as it could easily pop off on me again during transport.

 I lightly brushed on some Chaos Black paint to the tip of the main gun's barrel to give it a look that it has seen some use, and also did some similar darkening to the nozzle of the combi-flamer.

 I might do a few minor touch-ups, but this is essentially done! It's come very far since I acquired it from Da Masta Cheef who had passed on to me directly from Necron Bob (whose blog appears dead?) and you can see how much work I did to this thing.

(Lots of work)

And here it is again rampaging across the fields of Backyardistan IV for a nice red/green contrast shot in natural lighting.

 In hindsight, I forgot to add the Dark Angel helmets! Drat! I have to collect more during the inevitable rematch... it will have to be against my Chaos Space Marines though as I discovered the other night while flicking through the Khorne Daemonkin Codex, that the Khorne Daemonkin can not take Vindicators!


Da Masta Cheef said...

Trucknuts would have been better...

But yeah, WOW! That's an AMAZING refurbishment of that wreck I passed on to you! I was thinking that it was a total loss!

greggles said...

Just utterly awesome. I love it!

neverness said...

Thanks and thanks. Yes, I am pleased with how it turned out as well. Anybody got any more wrecks to send me? ;)