Sunday, December 06, 2015

Daemon Prince (part 3)

I am determined to get this beastie done by xmas!

I painted the marine helmet/head that the Daemon Prince is holding, and in honor of the last game I played (back in May! Yikes!), I chose to make this defeated marine a Dark Angel. Also, the green contrasts well with DP's red color scheme. Also it occurred to me that the Skippy the Bloodthirster, a Slave to Darkness era original model from the late '80s, also has a Dark Angel shoulder pauldron on his base. I swear it's an unintentional theme, but what the hell, I might as well run with it now!

The pic above was an extreme zoomed in close up that I took to see my details better. The helmet appeared fine to me at normal size but this close-up revealed many flaws I otherwise would have dismissed. Me being me, I took this as an opportunity to try to fix these flaws, and here's what it appears like zoomed out to normal size.

It's a little better but I most likely will keep messing with it until I am satisfied.

I probably need to take a better pic, but discarded on a rock behind the DP is a severed hand from this poor unfortunate marine. I plan to add a lot of Blood For the Blood God paint on the rocks and the DP's hand which is holding the head.

And now the braying masses can rejoice: he now has a head!!!

Work progresses...

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