Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bolt Action: Universal Carrier (Part One)

Tally ho!
It's been forever since I had any kind of update on my Bolt Action army, but fear not, it is alive and well. Sorta.

I snapped this up recently when I found it on sale. The Univeral (Brenn) Carrier for the British. I hope to get enough of these to have a fairly mobile force, a sort of WWII "Rhino Rush".

I took it home and base coated it almost immediately.I was off of work for a week in March of this year, a "stay-cation" if you will, and I thought that this could be a fun and different kind of kit to work on during the free time.

It sat in this state for a few weeks however due to my vacation being interrupted by a forest fire in my back yard...

(Not kidding)

...which brought my vacation plans to a grinding halt as we dealt with that and all the drama that surrounded it.

So I didn't get any further than priming the model. Now it is a month and a half later and I am again itching to get this model done soon. Stay tuned for future B.A. updates!


Da Masta Cheef said...

That'll teach ya to not toss your cigarette butts out the

neverness said...

...yeah, I don't smoke. Good thing too or I probably might be a suspect.