Friday, October 14, 2016

Kill Team: Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors (part 2)

Following on from the last post on this topic, kabalite-warriors part 1, I can show you that I have made quite a bit of progress. Considering that this is 20 warriors, and how fleeting my hobby time is, I'm very pleased with the progess actually.

A chunk of the progress.

All but three models have their 'red parts' finished. The three models that I am holding back are the Sybarites and a special weapons model that I feel deserve more focus and less of an assembly-line approach when it's their turn for color.

Sybarites with armor base coats.

As stated in the last post, this scheme is based on a coven presented in the 5th ed  Codex: Dark Eldar called the Obsidian Rose. I'll let you judge if I have done a good job representing it with these models.

The stages. Finished guy on the left.

Basically the red color scheme is simple, yet requires a little patience and a bit of precision.

  • It's essential to prime the models black, and I usually apply my primer as thin as possible then go over the model again in Chaos (or Abbadon) Black. 
  • Next I thinnly apply Scab Red to any raised areas and edges on the areas that I have decided will be the "red" part of the armor.
  • Then I go over it again with a more solid application of Scab Red along the edges ad higher areas.
  • I use a strong application of Blood Red on the edges but a dry brush along the high points that aren't so obvious.
  • I then give this area a wash of Nuln Oil to tone the reds back down.
  • I used Chaos (or Abbadon) Black to the areas I might have been sloppy with or that I might have added too much red to.
  • I reapply a conservative amount of Blood Red back onto the edges, picking out the parts I want to stand out.
  • A final highlight of Sunburst Yellow is added to the extreme edges of the red.
That's a lot of steps, but it goes faster than you might think if you're just reading this.

Next up for these models are the dark blue areas, finish off the weapons and then the eyes. I think I want to make their hair black but make the crests on the helms a kind of dark green but I am still deciding on that one.

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