Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kill Team: Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors (part 3)

Moving into the final stretch with these dark-hearted murder-elves, it's time to experiment with their flesh. This time I wanted to experiment specifically with the paint scheme that Games Workshop recommends using in their recent paint guides for Dark Eldar. The scheme I used in the past was fine, but the "alabaster" look on their 'eavy metal models looks nice. And the guides themselves make it look easy to achieve.

So we start with Rakarth Flesh. A good solid basecoat of the stuff.

Rakarth Flesh basecoat.

A wash of Reikland Fleshshade is liberally applied, making sure that it collects in the recesses.

Reikland Fleshshade is washed on.

Rakarth Flesh again. The Paint Splatter article I was following said this was a wash, which you could do if you watered the stuff down, however this would also collect in the recesses and just cover up up the Reikland Fleshshade. I decided not to wash this but apply a thick coat instead while staying clear of the recesses in order to create the illusion of a fading color.

Rakarth Flesh coat.

A layer of Pallid Wych Flesh was applied over this, leaving some Rakarth flesh exposed, mostly near the recesses, for the layering/tonal effect.

Pallid Wych Flesh layer.

 A final highlight layer of White Scar. Unlike a typical highlight, this was applied over most of the top layer. Doing this really exaggerates the pastey skinned Dark Elf look very well.

What do you think? I think it came out alright, and it was indeed a quick process. Next up, I will be using this technique on the models with exposed faces.

These faces are already at the Reikland Fleshshade stage...

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