Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (Part 7)

Progress continued on the 2 Specialist Marines from Part 5, and they were coming along at a decent rate when something occurred to me...

I realized that I was short a single standard Tactical Marine needed in order to make a 10 man unit. I found this basic 2nd edition era multi-part plastic marine that I thought would do the trick just fine. Those of you curious of his exact origin, he is from the Space Marines: Warriors of the Imperium boxed set. As that link will reveal, this specific guy was very nearly converted over to chaos!

As found.
I needed him to conform with the others of course so that version of bolter had to go. Also the base had to be upgraded. I do believe that the swap over to a 32mm base simply does wonders for these older models.

It didn't take too long to get him up to the level that the Specialists were at, and now I am working on all three at the same time.

Caught up to the other two.
I have reached the point where I am about to draw on the Chapter Icons. Seems like a good spot to leave this update for now...


Marc van Holst said...

I have always loved the Celestial Lions paint scheme, I look forward to seeing how you finish these guys off. I remember the Warriors of the Imperium box well; happy days ;-)

neverness said...

Absolutely happy days! The '90s were better times than I gave them credit to be at the time.

I kind of miss blister packs as the primary way of collecting minis as well.