Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dark Eldar Beastmaster.

I had a burst of inspiration while prepping for a Kill Team game that I played yesterday (report coming soon) and decided to add something different to my Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors Kill Team. I chose to assemble the long neglected kit-bashed Beastmaster I started on almost 7 years ago and U also painted up a beast for it to master. But first, here is the Beastmaster:

The assembled Beastmaster.
 I painted this model model in an unassembled state. I did this because of the complicated way that the rider connects to the board and so I could get to all the areas that I wanted to reach while painting.

The unassembled state.
 Assembling it was a bit tricky but I am pleased with the results in spite of that.

There are still a few minor details I might touch up, but the model is essentially done.

In the game she performed well, but she didn't have very strong defenses. They say the Dark Eldar army are akin to a glass hammer, and I agree.

Soon I shall post work-in-progress shots of her "beast", but before then I will have the battle report out and you can get a taste of both of them in action.


Carl Finch said...

She looks great dude, really like your colour palette, awesome job :)

neverness said...

Thanks, much appreciated!

Mordian7th said...

That looks rad - I really dig it!