Monday, February 22, 2021

Runtherdz (Part 2)


Bad Moon Runtherd.

With the Grotz done, it only made sense to get their Runtherd finished also. It was easy enough to figure out how to paint the squighound as I did an attack squig a while back that is not too dissimilar to this one. But the actual guy himself took a bit of thought. But once I figured him out, it was time to apply the basecoats. 

Basecoats on the Runtherd.

The basecoats are as follows: for the flesh Caliban Green, for the yellow clothes I used Firey Orange, for the fur I used an old Foundation Paint called Adeptus Battlegrey, the leather pants and gloves was Rhinox Hide, the leather straps were done using Abaddon Black and the squig was based in Khorne Red. 

We call this 'cake-topper chic'.

The midcoats were added next. This time I went with the Gretchin Green Foundation Paint that I thought worked well with the Grots skin. The yellow had a Sunburst Yellow basecoat and the staff was based using Tinbitz. The squig was based using Khorne Red and it has been washed with Nuln Oil. 


After base-coating the teeth I quickly moved on to the yellow areas where I added the classic Bad Moon Yellow color and highlighted it with Folkart Lemmonade. I just pushed on, finishing the ork flesh using the same method employed on the Bad Moon Grots. Then I painted the Grot Prod using variety of metallic colors and some Agrax Earthshade. The Squighound was done by washing over the Khorne Red with Nuln Oil, reapplying Khorne Red before going over that with a subtle application of Mephiston Red before settling on a final highlight of Go Fasta Red. Oh, and it's tongue was highlighted using my ancient bottle of Titillating Pink. After a few touch-ups I added some grass tufts and called him done! 


And here's some glamor shots:

Rear shot.

I should probably confess something; As I was finishing this model I was trying to determine what the bump was on the right side of the model's belly. Looking it up on the GW site I was chagrined to discover that what I thought was a shirt was actually supposed to be bare flesh! That "bump" is supposed to be a scar. Oops! 

"Sic' 'em!"

Well I am pleased with how he came out anyway. And since I do have another of these models that I intended to paint up as a Goff, I will probably paint him closer to the GW example. Regardless I am happy to include another model to my growing Bad Moon detachment.


Oops, while reviewing my pics for this post I realized I forgot the final Sunburst Yellow highlight on the flesh, so I did that really quick. And just for kicks I used Blood For The Blood God to make a bloody hand print on his left butt cheek. I'll leave it to you guys to figure out what that story could be! 

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