Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Black Legion Terminator Sorcerer

This one was in the queue for a very long time. Since late 2018 actually. I had a series of photos for the start of a post that was going to detail how I painted the big chunk of marble that this guy is standing on. However my phone died while I was training in Indianapolis for a job I had at the time and I lost everything that was on it. Soured by that situation I let the whole model languish ever since. 

Fast forward to 2022 and with my grimey hands on the 9th edition Chaos Codex I felt inspired to get a few of those neglected Black Legion projects out of the queue. And this guy just jumped out at me and in an inspired burst I got him knocked out. 

Pull yourself together already!

I kept playing around with the positioning of the miniature, and although I preferred this spot I had to lower it to accommodate the cape. Also in this pic is the basecoat of the cape. I used Kabalite Green with a Nuln Oil wash for this stage. 

Kabalite Green was applied again in two layers. I liked how it look at this step didn't take the highlight any higher. 

I used the same Kabalite Green technique on the familiar's robes as also. I thought it's flesh ought to be purple to contrast against that dark greenish color. I used a technique similar  to how I painted my Daemonettes.  However I didn't take it to the highlight stage as I wanted to have it look darker.

I altered my recipe for the gilding and trim. The basecoat is still Tin Bitz but I now use Retributor Copper as the mid coat. I top this with a highlight of Shining Gold. 

All of the eyes that appear all over this model were painted in blue. This contrasts nicely against the coppery tones of the gilding. I originally thought it would've been awesome to paint them like the burning eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings but color theory won out in the end. 

The blue was done by using Citadel Caledor Sky as a base and Thousand Sons Blue on top of that with a subtle highlight of Fenrisian Grey. 

I put the yellow and black stripes on the chain blade because I wanted something to contrast against everything else. But really, I just thought it looked cool and it's easy to do.  Also the irony of a warning symbol on an instrument designed to kill (and kill brutally) was too ironic to pass. I can totally see now the appeal of the Iron Warriors scheme.

I mounted him to his big chunk of rubble and assembled him after that. I wasn't sure how well the cape was going to work so I had to mount the body first to make sure. 

The  center of blue eyes on this miniature had a black cat-like pupil drawn on them using a Micron Pen. They were given a coat or two of 'ard Coat to give 'em a wet glossy look. 

And that's essentially it! Hopefully I can get him into a battle sooner than later. Maybe he can earn a name at that point also. 


Da Masta Cheef said...

Looks great! Makes me want to paint some of my BL marines.

Siph_Horridus said...

That looks superb, great marble block and cloak. Sweet work Fella