Sunday, March 12, 2023

World Eaters Master of Executions (Part 2)

I'm back with some work-in-progress updates on our friend, the World Eaters Master of Executions. 

After priming him in Chaos Black, I added Khorne Red to the armored areas. I mean, would anything else make sense?

Next, Mournfang Brown was used to base coat the bones. Because you're not a bad-ass of chaos if you're not wearing someone's bones.

Rhinox Hide was used on the cloak. I like the look of this on the example model pictured on the blister card and think I'm going to attempt to replicate it. 

I used my tried and true old Ral Partha Copper Metallic paint on the filigree and trim. It's an old paint but it does the trick. Another old tried and true paint that I always use is Delta Ceramcoat Gleams Metallic Pewter. I used this on all the silver Metallic areas such as grills and the holstered bolt pistol. But it's most prominent application on this model is on the axe head. 

The classic and old Blood Red was applied to the armor. I had to be particularly careful on the bunny ears to avoid messing up the filigree. 

It was time to create the base. I outlined his feet with a red paint so to know where he was going to stand and to avoid gluing stuff in that area. 

The "stuff" being skulls and grit.  Seriously, can a Khornate model ever have enough skulls on it's base? 

Skipping ahead (I'm sure I have shown these steps ad nauseum) to the finished base. All it needs is some grass and it's done. Note on the skulls, I painted them using Ushanti Bone, Screaming Skull and a highlight of Wraithbone

Along his sides, just under the breast plate, are pair of worn tubes. Their protective layers are wearing out and you can see the metal tubing within. There are similar hoses on a lot of the newer Chaos Space Marine miniatures. I think the first place I saw this was on the Hellbrute models that came out in the Dark Vengeance boxed set at the onset of 6th edition. I decided to paint the ones on this model the same green color that appears on the rest of my World Eaters models. 

We're halfway there! 

There he is, about half done at this stage. Shining gold was added to the brass bits and Mournfang Brown was painted onto the... what do we call that, a skirt?  Hopefully the next update we will see this guy completed.  

Note: what do you all think about my italicizing the paint names? Did it help or hamper your reading of this post?

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