Monday, March 27, 2023

KHARN!!! (Feeling Khorney Part 12)


Now with more skulls!

Recently I took the time to access the state of my Worldeaters force and the most glaring thing to me was that Kharn's base, still on his original 25mm one, was way too small. He was always too big for that base, with his feet spreading over the edges of it. The current plastic kit comes on a 40mm one.  It was simple enough to expand up to this, I just glued him onto 40mm base.

Kharn's dinky base.

Normally I would green stuff out the edges and try to smooth it out, but I decided to just clutter it up instead. I gathered an assortment of appropriate bric-a-brac: skulls, a space marine helm, a knife, bits of sprue (to look like bricks), a few small rocks and some more skulls. Can't have enough skulls on a Khorne character right?

Debris for the debris god.

As expensive as GW plastic is, I try repurpose all my scraps.

Once I was satisfied with my hint of a debris field, I added some grit. Sometime later when all the glue was dried I started the process of painting it. The usual dirt recipe for the grit, a series of greys for the rocks, Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint for the skulls and Macragge Blue for the marine bits. 

I didn't purposely have the skulls on the right-side looking in the same direction. Really.

I highlighted all these bits with usual methods before finally topping it all off with some grass tufts.  Happy with this, I declare this little upgrade project a success.

Kharn likes his new base, kharn likes skulls!

The Tactical arrow on the busted marine shoulder pad was hand painted.  I just didn't feel like wasting a decal on this considering how obscured the icon is. 

And that's it. I hope to get my Worldeaters onto a table top soon, and hopefully Kharn will be accompanying them. 

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