Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Ultramarines Assault Intercessors


I had prepped these guys last fall (2022) to paint during the winter of 2023, but I just wasn't able to make it happen. Inspired by the performance of Cheef's Assault Intercessors in our last game I couldn't help but pull these guys out and knock  out their paint jobs. 

It happened so quickly that I didn't attempt any stage-by-stage  progress shots, but if you want to know my formula, check out the test model I did a few years ago.  Or the 2nd edition model from the summer of 2023. 

This model came from the 9th edition 'Get Started' pack which came with this single marine and a necron warrior.  He had a molded base but I still added a little bit of grit to make this model conform better with the others. 

This miniature, as well as the next two, came with issue 2 of Imperium Magazine. These guys have the Assault and Ultramarines Icon molded onto their paldrons. 

I had a difficult time painting those icons, but these came out decent enough. Despite my gripes, I think I prefer transfers. 

A Sergeant was needed to round out the unit and I found this one on eBay.  His helmet was made more red that the weapons carried by this team by using a classic '90s Citadel Colour called Ruby Red. 

The disgarded  Terminator shoulder pad is a leftover bit from my Deathwatch project

The joy of decals (apply sarcasm here) was felt again as I some how almost ruined the Sergeant's chapter badge. Ultimately it works just fine, but know now not to try to blend my techniques. 

The checker pattern on his lil' shield is a decal that I trimmed - carefully-  after it dried. I like how this turned out, I think it gives him a bit of flair fitting for his station as a Sergeant.

And here we are, another squad of Primaris marines joins the family of completed Ultramarines in my force.  I have many more to go, but I am undecided on which unit to do next. I think I will whip up a Primaris Lieutenant...


Da Masta Cheef said...

How in the hell do you still have Ruby red?!?!?!

The checkerboard is a nice touch.

neverness said...

Ha, right? I never used it much so I guess it just held on to life or whatever.