Monday, July 01, 2024

The Snottling Wave Restoration Project (Part 1)

 I recently acquired 12 bases of second-hand snotlings.  Which is quite a lot of mini-green meanness to add to my little green wave.

A rambling horde of snotlings.

I almost passed on the deal, as the thought of stripping and cleaning these guys was definitely a turn off. However, upon closer scrutiny, I determined that I could use these existing  paint jobs as a base coat to build more color on top of. I'm still confounded by the  choice made, by whomever painted these models, to use silver as a color for the mushrooms.... but I think I can work past it. 

Can you spot the plastic ones?

I even decided not to repose these guys despite some of the models positioned somewhat randomly on their bases. I figured the more disorganized and haphazard their poses, the more of a rabble they'll appear to be. 


The guy blowing the horn is apparently a fragile snotlling because the miniature is broken off of three of these bases, and all of them  at their right leg! 

We said don't break a leg! 

I'm thinking these little guys will work well with the previous group that I painted back in the '90s and hopefully will tie up some of the foes they will end up facing on the battlefield. I recall that I modeled up those ordinal snotlings to use as Shokk Attack gun ammo back in the 2nd edition of 40k,. I also recall my devilish foes would target them in an attempt to deprive my shokk attack gun of it's  precious ammo! 

Wall of snotlings!

This might be a bigger project than I anticipated, but I won't know until I try, right? So let's do this! ...but not today. This post is long enough. Look out for part 2, hopefully soon!


Mike (Didcot Wargames Club) said...

Nice work! Love the old school snotlings!

Suber said...

Ooooooo! I love them so much! I definitely have to do the same and get some more for myself!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Hey! Killing the shokk attack gun'z ammo was a viable tactic!

neverness said...

Thanks, but I must stress that have yet to do any work on these things, this is the condition that they were in when I got them. And yes Cheef, while fighting Orks in 2nd ed, targeting the snotlings was a definite strategy to shut down that shokk attack gun. Usually with a large 3" blast template...LOL!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Especially when the Shokk attack gunner was hiding behind a wall with telescopic legs, but his snotlings weren't!

neverness said...

Yes, so true. Ah,reminiscing about the war gear of editions past is such a joy.