Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mk1Land Raider for the Blood God part 3

As promised the other day in part 2, here is the final part of this series. This project was completed in record time (for me) and I'm excited to paint more stuff for my small World Eater force.

I had a slight hitch at this point however, when I accidently super-glued one of the twin-linked lascanons so that it wouldn't swivel, while the other one worked just fine. Well, the modeler in me wasn't having any of that, so I popped both sponsons back off, fixed that glued gun, and while I was at it I filed down the back part of the swiveling mount of the sponson so that the canons will swivel all the way. Now they both swivel out to the same degree.

"Shoot them over there,"
 Here is a close up of the scoured and scratched metal bitz of the tracks and the Destroyer Blades.

 Which I repeated to represent the chips, dents and dings to show the battlescars of war.

 Finally I mounted the rear spikes, dirge caster and smoke launchers. (why are the smokelaunchers on the Chaos kits so much cooler than the loyalist counterparts?)

(Don't ask me how they get in/out of the hatch, they just DO!)
And here is the finished model! Ready to start gathering skulls!

The next thing to do is to figure out how to work this into an army list, and let the locals lance it to death, but at least it will look good in it's death-throes! But before that happens I will need to figure out how to transport it. Coming up with transport, storage, and protection methods are my least favorite part of this whole hobby, but a necessary one.


Kushial said...

So all that's left to do now is to christen it by blowing it up all over a tabletop .... I mean get it into a game.

neverness said...

LOL. I think I might call it ready- for this, this gonna be awesome- BLOOD DUMPSTER! .. I am just trying to figure out where to write it on the model...hmm...

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh they can get out of that front hatch, they just prefer not too, as it takes too much time to exit, meaning they miss out on the killing!

greggles said...

Lots of great subtle work into this guy! Nice job!