Wednesday, May 07, 2014

MK 1 Land Raider for the Blood God! -Part 1

The day after the battle with the Tau that I chronicled last time, I began construction on this beast:

Yeah, that's an original Land Raider! Granted, I modified it due mostly in part to the rough shape it was in, but also because I wanted it to function more like the modern version. With dremel in hand I widened the top round hatch so that I could fit the current Land Raider twin-linked heavy bolters into that spot. On the top hatch behind the round one I put a sheet magnet on the inside that I could be a removable havoc missile launcher in it's place. I then glued the original hatch where the spare track piece went on the original model.

And for those of you who need the quick reference, here's my original Land Raider, in it's fairly well preserved state, and the box that it came in. This should hopefully provide you with a gauge of just how modified this Chaos tank is.

I was not pleased with the joins on the tracks, nor with my attempts to fill them with greenstuff, I decided to grit them up. This will look particularly muddy and rough when I finish this project.

I primed the model using Testers spray enamel paint. Black then brown.
The brown will serve as an under coat for the red and the weathered metals.

It was a beautiful day to spray.
I had the basecoats done by the following Sunday.

Progress shot showing the Scab Red on the brown primer
Here are all the components so far.

 Next, after I was satisfied with the painting of the exposed parts that can be seen through the openings on the side area, I assembled them and the sponsons to the main hull,

 And the pic that started this post (presented here again) is the current state of this Land Raider. Fairly fast for me, but I felt particularly inspired. I mean, this is just such a cool and fun model to work on.

Next up, I need to highlight the red, add the mud and then add all the spikes, grave-yard fencing, chains and other things to hang skulls from.

Edit: Easy link to Ian's Land Raider from the comments. Ian's Land Raider.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Looking good! (though I'm sure Patrick can't wait to put a rail gun slug through

neverness said...

Ha, thanks, and no doubt! I'm sure there are lots of people in our group who will gleefully enjoy lancing this thing like a zit. Won't stop me from building and using it though, who knows, it might just do OK on the table top. :D

Ian Logsdon said...

Pretty Awesome! I've got 2 of these bad boy's myself, one is fully painted and the other I recently made strides fixing (I needed to make a twin linked heavy bolter in the old style and a cast side sponsons from my intact one), I wound up adding some trim with plasticard (attached with superglue so i could remove them if necessary, I try not to permanently damage models this old!)
(the lascannons aren't painted yet so I haven't glued them on)

neverness said...

Ian, that's quite interesting. I really like the way the heavy bolters work a bit like a "pod" on the newer models and I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out on this conversion. I am always afraid I'm going break or lose the heavy bolters on the my Ultramarine Land Raider, so the thought to attempt what you did never crossed my mind. I like the banner on yours BTW. The only think about working with this old chassis is that there just isn't any sane way to put on an auxiliary storm bolter/combiweapon, but I am pleased with how the havoc missile launcher is turning out, so I can live with the lose. :)