Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Bloodbrute part 1

Hello again. Well since I last presented the progress on my Khorne Berserkers unit, "feeling khorney", I have since built them a sweet ride (Land Raider) and pretty much finished painting that squad. However I have misplaced their decals, and so although I am eager to present them here, I want to show them completed vs. almost done. But the work of a budding overfiend is never finished, so I have begun work on a Chaos Dreadnought, I mean Hellbrute, which I have re-christened (Khornated?) the Bloodbrute!*..

Assembly stage.
It's a great model, and although this isn't one where I can easily magnetize weapon options, I think I like the weapons as they are. After dealing with what little flash/mould-lines there were, I began figuring out how it all goes together. I decided in order to paint the thing's head (seems like a pretty stupid weakness to me, even though it looks kinda cool) I will paint it as I assembled it like I do with a lot of my models.

I wasn't keen on having the Bloodbrute standing on just the one rock that it comes modeled with, and took the time to add some more. Again, using the method that I discussed here, I base my models before I prime them.
I also thought the thing would look cooler if I took advantage of the hollowed barrels of the Multi-Melta and drilled out the holes along the sides of it.

Drilled out Multi-Melta
Next I took advantage of the wargear options in the Codex, and added a Heavy Flamer under the Power Fist. I agonized quite a bit over this, going through all my bits to try to fit every variation of Heavy Flamer I could before settling on using two basic Flamers from the Cadian Imperial Guard kit. I think this looks pretty sweet so far. Some of the other options, although they might look good, didn't make sense as far as how the Power Fist would work.

Flame on!
Using the same color palette as I used on the Bezerkers and Land Raider, I launched right into applying the Scab Red base coat.

Scabby stage.
And now I am well into the base coat stage. I hope to get more accomplished on this thing soon, and the progress I did make on this was over a fairly short amount of time. Looking at this photo, I am almost tempted to leave the head out and just have a nasty looking maw for it's head!'s tempting.

Base coated
*I have two of these models, the other one I will probably make for Nurgle and call it the Pusbrute. or make it for the Emperor's Children/Slaanesh and call it the Pleasurebrute or just Big Brute. It'll be awhile until I get to it so I have time to think about it.

Also, in addition to this Hellbrute, I have started on the second unit of Berzerkers. This is from the 3rd edition era "Dance, Dance, Dance" boxed set.

Assembling the reinforcements.
Until next time!


Da Masta Cheef said...

Pleasurebrute? lol!

neverness said...

Knew you would like that Cheef! LOL that one will probably have to have a set of whipy arms....