Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bloodbrute part 2

Welcome back.  Since last time I have completed the Hellbrute model that I have dubbed "The Bloodbrute". 

The finished Bloodbrute in natural light.
In the first part I show how I started the model and here I will talk about the final stages.

After finishing painting the Brute's head and completing the "gums" that surround it, I glued it into position and then glued the front onto the model. I used rubberbands to secure the bond.

Not so unbound...

 After some additional touch-ups it was time to finish the whites on the horns and teeth that heavily adorn this thing.

After I mounted the front piece I finished the fleshy bits and the weird warpy gut bits. I used an assortment of colors to achieve this look, which I am ultimately satisfied with.

The belly of the beast.
 Having painted it in parts I had some strange spots where the colors didn't match, so I had to blend all these together.

The pink gut bits were mostly done using (Khorne forgive me) Pink Horror, which is one of the current line of Citadel paints. I used some Aileene's paint (Dusty Rose) for the high lights.

 I then added another solid coat of Ruby Red to the red areas on the model, matching it up with the other World Eater models.

I next finished off the metal on the exhaust and the barrel of the Multi Melta.

The back of the Brute

The tentacles that a bursting from it's side were a bit of challenge, but after a few purple ink washes I got a look that I liked.
Done except for the flocking.

The finished model: flocked before sealing it.
And the finished model can be seen in the first picture in this post. I am thinking that I might want to add gloss varnish to the fleshy bits, but I hesitate to do that as I have seen how gloss can attract fuzz and dust in the long run, so I am not sure if I want to do that yet.

Next up, more World Eaters!


Hive Angel said...

The main horns look great.

Question. Do you use a daylight bulb when painting or is your camera giving a lot of false yellow in your pictures. The outside shot gives it better justice for sure.

Kind of make me want to paint the one I have. I can never pick who to place it with though.

neverness said...

Yes, the interior light is tricking my camera on the inside shots. The exterior is definitely truer to reality. It took me a long time to figure out what faction to go with as well and I am torn on which way to go with the other one I have.