Sunday, June 14, 2015

Juggerlord of Khorne (Feeling Khorney Part 6)

Progress has slowly been made on my Chaos Lord on Juggernaut since my last update in part-5. In fact, he's now complete, and you can follow along with these pics to the final phase below.  

As you can see in these first few pics, I liked the bio-organic aspect of this juggernaut model and emphasized the "bio" parts only with it's mouth. I thought it might look cool to make the teeth and gums look real, like a mean dog perhaps.

Then came the daunting task of assembly. This model actually goes together quite easily, however it was intended to be assembled on a flat plain, not on the multiple levels of the molded cracked battlefield dreadnought base that I had decided to use.  What I thought would work best would be to assemble it one leg at a time,  Which is what I decided to do:

First leg!
2nd leg
Then I attached the body to these two floating legs.

After that I attached the other two legs, however I was displeased with how these last two legs were attaching to the base, so I pulled the whole thing apart and redid the assembly.

After reassembly I was still have spacing problems with the rear leg, it was just simply too high up and it was never going to touch the ground. After a brief brain storm, my solution came in the form of one of the Citadel Basing Kits that I have, in particularly the slate pieces with it. These acted as shims allowed me to fill that gap and solved the problem.

Now with more stones!
After I touched up the jugger, it was time to complete the rider. I painted him up to the level that the other World Eaters are at in my army. It was during this stage that it occurred to me that I did not have a backpack for him. Scouring my available bits I found a backpack from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. Tinkering with it, it not only fits the whole Khornate theme of the model, but it really works well with this model!

Once I finished the rider, it was time to attach him. And after a few bad starts, I got the model fully assembled and really to collect skulls! But enough of my rambling, just enjoy these next few pics:

And with that, I now have a completed Warlord on a Juggernaut. In the background, you might have spotted a red rhino. That is actually my Vindicator of khorne which I haven't done any more work on since December. Worse, it took some damage during transport the last time I took it to a game (it's probably more fun to just blame those dastardly Ravenwing Bikers!) and I put it on the bench to not only make these repairs but to finish the model.

Stay tuned for more Khorney posts! :)


Da Masta Cheef said...

What are you going to use it as? Hellbrute? Daemon Prince? CSM Lord on a bike? As I recall there wasn't an option in the CSM codex for a Daemonic steed.

Greg Hess said...

Looking awesome!

I think they added steeds back into khorne daemonkin if I'm not mistaken. I just know the model looks epically awesome.

neverness said...

Yes, he is for Daemonkin. I am building this army to use these Khorne models for either army.

neverness said...

Yes, he is for Daemonkin. I am building this army to use these Khorne models for either army.

Hive Angel said...

Is your Daemonkin army mostly close combat, or a mix of close combat and shooting?

neverness said...

A mix at this point.