Saturday, October 03, 2015

Arise Cerastus, arise!!! Part one (guest post)

It's been some time ago, as far back as the dark days of 2014 when the first Codex: Imperial Knights was new, that Dr. TSG began work on his Imperial Knights. As far as I know the two "basic" Knights above are all magnetized and ready to get in line for painting. However his third Knight, a Cerastus Knight, is taking a bit more time and thought.

The concept here is that the Cerastus is standing, and crushing, the ruined hull of a Land Raider.

I asked him how he achieved the bent metal look, and he said he used a fine heat gun to soften the plastic to make it bend the way he wanted it to.

This is something I have been curious about doing and I am glad to see someone figured it. The effect looks pretty convincing I think, and it does add to the illustion that this machine is seriously heavy.

Arrising in it's full glory, crushing anything in it's path, this model will sure to be a fine centerpiece to his army, and indeed, his whole collection. (Jeez, have I turned into a pitchman or what?)

I suspect that the weapon/arm options will also be magnetized. I don't have any details yet on how, or even what, those options could be.

 In the next part, the Doctor continues the illusion...

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