Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chaos Bikers (part 3)

Here's the completed model of my Mark of Khorne Chaos Space Marine Biker, racing across the moss-lands of Backyardistan IV in search of more skulls.

"And blood. Don't forget the blood!"

Now, let's see the rest of the progression that got him up to this point since I wrote part 2,

With the bike mostly complete, especially the Blood Red armor of the bike and the rider, it was time to focus a bit on that mutated arm. I recall base-coating it with Dwarf Flesh and painting it up using one of the new range pinks (I don't recall the name, but it looks a bit like Pepto Bismol in color).

Then I used one of the new Citadel inks (the name escapes me and I can't find it on GW's site) to put the red back into it. Also during this stage I finished up the (human) leather seat. (Eeew).

Next up I tightened up some details and proceeded add 'chrome' to the exhausts, handle bars and areas that I hope are interpreted as recent battle scars.

And here he is mostly done. Mostly.

But you can't be done with a Khorne model without some blood FX right?

Here, a rather liberal splattering of 'Blood for the Bloodgod' was applied to the wheel spikes, side spokes and to the front of the bike. Especially that jugger-axe head. I am pleased with the results!

Now, for the longest time I was going to stick with using the old square cavalry bases for my chaos bikes, more out of frugalness than anything, but thankfully my sanity came back to me and I decided to go with the 40k bike bases. They truly do look better!

 And finally, the decal. Using decal solutions (I keep promising to talk about this stuff don't I?) to assist with adhering the decal to the Space Marine shoulder pad, I was able to get the decal to go on rather well. However the Micro-Sol has a habit of over-softening the decal and distorting the colors so I still had to touch it up with a dab of paint or two.

And presto, it's done!

Here he is once again racing across the mosslands...

...and through the Tzeentchian wastes of the Daemonworld Unicoi.

This post does not end this Chaos Bike series however, as I stated in chaos bikers part-one. I intend to next re-model, restore, and paint the rest of my Chaos Bikes in the up coming months as Black Legionnaires. Stay tuned!


thebob489 said...

Looks great! Will look even better when the Ravenwing kills them again ;)

neverness said...

Ha! That reminds me, do you have any extra Ravenwing helmets? They'll make great ornaments! ;)