Friday, April 01, 2016

The Black Legion -unit one completed

At the onset of a week long vacation I focused on getting these guys finished...

The Black Legion in search of... something. 
The first two models that I did as test models back in December of 2015. I found as I was working the whole squad up totheir level, that their level itself needed to be raised so I added some more details, and performed some touch-ups.

This was one of the 1st two models. Added some more details and touch ups.
As above.
The rest of the models I started later and I have been jamming away on them since the last time I posted about them.

Kit-bashed chaos marine. 

Metal flamer model. 

Kit-bashed to serve chaos.

From the current $9.99 starter set.

Metal 2nd ed era plasma gunner. I tried a different painting technique with his antlers.

Also from the current starter set and also in the assassin game as well I think.
These models were fairly easy to work with and now that they are done I am pleased with the results. Next up I want to build and  paint an Aspiring Champion to lead them. I have also been flirting with the notion of getting them a rhino to zip around in.

The images that follow are basically these models standing in the moss of our backyard. 'Action shots' I suppose. Enjoy!

The Hounds of Abbadon on their own.

Working theit way uo hill, where the blood is at

The Black Legion on patrol.

A happy little unit.

As a personal note, a few days after I took these pics the forest behind my house caught on fire and dealing with that has consumed about 3 days of my vacation.

Fire bad!

 Now on my last day, as I type this, I am killing time waiting for Da Masta Cheef's wedding ceremony to Wolfie to begin. So go and wish them congrats if you can spare a moment!

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