Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chaos Bikers (Part 5)

I have made vast progress on my chaos bikers since the last time. In particular I am focusing on the Black Legion bikers of this group. I made the hard decision to make 4 of these guys into Nurgle Bikers, which they originally were when I bought them. At least that's the plan for now. They are the ones that require the most work and clean-up to rebuild them into something less...crappy. The models you'll see in this post are the "generic" Black Legionaries whom, for the most part, are in decent enough shape for me to move on to painting.

Having said that, these Black Legion guys are still turning out to be quite a bit more work than I had anticipated...
For Khorne! 
This first guy is somewhat Khorne themed compared to the others. I will probably add some sort of iconography to show his alliance to the Hounds of Abbadon on him somewhere. He has a Khornate axe held in his right hand, the arm of which comes from a fantasy juggernaut-of-khorne kit. The plate on the front of the bike also comes from a plastic juggernaut. After how well I think the Khorne Aspiring Champion biker came out, it was tempting to just scrap the whole idea and just do them all up as berserkers on bikes, but reason held that impulse in check...

View from behind 
Here is the same model with a standard Black Legion biker.

Primed and base coated black.
I proceeded with base coating the brassy areas with Tin Bitz.

I was going to do these models in pairs but I was having fun with the unit so I decided to add two more models.

Here they are with mid-coats...

With the right amount of time and focus, the Black Legion scheme paints up fairly quick! I should get these guys finished soon. Hopefully.

I have also begun work on the chaos biker model that will become an Aspiring Champion of Nurgle, but I'll save those pics for a later post, as indeed, Project Nurgle will begin a whole new phase for my Chaos forces and I'm getting excited about starting it. More soon!

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