Monday, August 22, 2016

Bolt Action: Universal Carrier (Part Three)

Continuing right where we left off I continued to apply color to the tracks. I dry brushed on a brighter metal color over the raised surfaces, but liberally so.

Metal drybrushed on tracks
 Next up, I used an old Citadel color called Jungle Green to thinly highlight the edges of the vehicle.

Jungle Green highlight.
 To add a bit more weathering I mixed brown and orange ink together which I used with a dab of water to wash over the all of the track assembly and the under carriage of the Universal Carrier.

Weathering applied
 Also I mixed green and black ink together which I used to darker the joins and grooves on the main hull. I also applied this onto yhe track wheels as these components were often painted to protect from weathering. I imagine these bits would have to be repainted often during maintenance due to the obvious wear and tear these machines would endure.

Next I popped in the part that I assume is this thing's engine. It fit so tightly that I didn't even take it back out to glue it, instead I only glued the piece that goes on top of it which will hold it in place just fine.

I decided that with the variously equipped troops that would be occupying the back of this thing that the paint would be pretty scuffed up. And the floor plate would be dirty as well.

Scuffed and weathered.

After some touch-ups, the crew are now done. The only thing left to do for them is to afix the patch decals to their arms and the decals on the vehicle before adding on the final parts.

Almost there! 
Next, the decals were transferred onto the hull.

Yo Joe!

Gosh, this vehicle looks WAY too clean! I will definitely need to dirty it up a bit before it's done. In it's current state it reminds me of an old '80s era G.I.Joe toy. This is the current state of the thing, next to add the final bitz and dirty it up a little and it's done!


Greg Hess said...

Looking good so far!

neverness said...

Thanks. Yes, must get this away from the 'toy' look, so...weathering!