Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bolt Action: Universal Carrier (Part Two)

While working on my British Infantry it only seemed natural that I would also work on this model as well.

I chose to base coat the crew with a dark brown color while they were still on the sprue. I did this more for the need to keep track of the parts, pieces and bitz than anything. These Warlord kits have a lot of them and I really don't want to lose any of them, especially now that the Spawn of Neverness is crawling all over the house these days.

Brown basecoats applied!
Brown ink wash applied.
I decided to give these chaps a brown ink wash as I thought they would contrast better against the vehicle with the extra depth that the darker shadows would create.

...Looks like a massacre doesn't it?
I then seperated them from the sprues, cleaned off the flash, and gave them another drybrush of Vallejo Model Color English Uniform. An asside: the guy on the left really looks like a wounded guy in that position, I can't help but wonder if there is a bitz market yet for Warlord models? If so, I have some ideas...

Anyway, I then clipped off the bitz I will need to begin the main hull assembly.

I painted the track assembly black, but I did this liberally as I don't mind if a bit a green shows though as I want this thing to look like it's been in the field for awhile.

Now, for the assembly:

Making tracks!
To get more of rugged look I used a slightly watered down dark brown which I liberally applied to area where the tracks will go prior to gluing the track assembly into place. I gave the tracks a wash the same color paint but with more water added to the mix.

Next I put together the main hull. The model itself is really easy to assemble by-the-way.

Test fit. 

While test fitting the model I felt some validation by deciding to paint this as I assemble it. Trying to paint these guys after assembly would have been tough!

Masking tape applied.
It became obvious that I need more of the green base coat painted on. In order to avoid destroying the work I had already done to the tracks I used masking tape (artist tape particularly) over the tracks.

Additional spray added.

The added spray worked out well. After it dried I added the back piece onto the model. And now it is beginning to appear more and more like an actual vehicle.

As you can also see in the above pic, painting on the crew is coming along as well. I will have them fully painted prior to fitting them into the Bren Carrier.

With the appropriate amount of determination, this model will be finished soon!

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