Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bolt Action - British Infantry (part four)

Work continues on this army!

Finished Mortar Team.

 This post will focus on pretty much just these two models that form my Mortar Team and will function as a step-by-step guide for my own reference in the likely event that I set these asside for a year again and struggle to recall how I painted them...

Let's start from the base-coat: After applying a brown base-coat I then painted  the grit on the base.

After that Vallejo Model Color English Uniform was applied. However, looking at the models that I worked on last year, it seems that I used a brown ink wash to give the models more depth. So I repeated that with these guys and here is what they looked like at that stage:

Brown ink wash over most of the model.

Next the Vallejo Model Color English Uniform was added on the clothing, and Citadel Dwarf Flesh was applied to the skin.

A dab of Skull White was mixed into approximately 5 dabs of English Uniform to be used as a highlight color

Next the belts were painted using Applebarrel Linen. The grit on the base was finished off with a layer of Country Tan and highlighted with Sandstone.

After that came the application of Bleached Bone as a highlight to the fleshy areas. The helmets were painted using Apple Barrel Forest Green. The belts and pouches were highlighted with Delta Ceramcoat Raw Linen.

Next the wooden parts of the guns were painted before turning my attention to their helmets.  I highlighted helmets and then painted the leaves an assortment of leafy colors.

At this point these chaps are mostly done. Although some touch-ups scream out to me and I will address them soon enough.

Decals were added to their arms for insignia and rank. My only complaint about Warlord is that neither their BA books nor Painting Guide PDF had any clear info on British Army rank badges or insignia. So I winged it on what I could find online.

After that it was time to flock the bases. I used a combo of static grass and grass tufts to complete this look. And presto: they are done!

Did I mention that I was finishing the Infantry Division at the same time? I haven't flocked their bases yet, so they'll get their own post, but I did finish the PIAT Team. Here they are:

Feels good to get these guys done. The Infantry Division will be following soon.


Greg Hess said...

Nice job on the soldiers! Impressive considering the BA scale!

neverness said...

Thank you sir! Yes, I didn't realize how spoiled I was by GW's heroic scale until I began working on these standard scale minis. There really is a big difference...