Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (Part 4)

Work continues, albeit slowly, on these models.

I still say they look cool without the shoulder pads.
The biggest challenge has been hand painting the Chapter Icon onto their shoulder pad. My first attempts had dreadful results. Ultimately I decided the best step at artistic redemption would be to resort to the utilization of stencils. It's easy enough to find blank stencil material, I found this brand at Walmart but it's available  at most places that have a craft department.

Blank stencil film. 
With that material in hand I referred to my Original sketches and began freehand sketching the icon I wanted in my sketchbook. I did this with a Micron and sketched until I created the image I was pleased with and at the right proportion.

Sketch madness.
After that I stenciled over the areas I had already attempted to paint free-hand. After touching them up I was fairly satisfied with the results.

My first stencil results

Each one is unique, though they are quite similar. I like to think that maybe each marine, as a form of devotion, hand painted their icon onto their armor. Or maybe we can say that they have had to touch up their armor after being on a lengthy campaign?

With Teeth.
I am mostly happy with these results. Adding the lion teeth to the icon really brought the whole thing together and I was glad to have decided not to go the mono-color route.

Assigning of the paldrons.

Next I applied the 'up arrow' Tactical symbol to their shoulder pads. I then painted over these using Folk Art English Mustard. The white was just way too intense and the one piece of art I could find showed that their squad badges conformed to the color of their chapter symbol on the opposite shoulder paildron.

The final assembly begins...

Some of these guys are all but done, and I look forward to showing you the completed Celestial Lion Kill Team soon!


Da Masta Cheef said...

Sounds like we need to plan a KT game between the our two, almost dead chapters!

neverness said...

I agree. I can't wait to get these guys into action.

Siph_Horridus said...

Great job on the stencil work

Suber said...

Really cool. Celestial Lions is such an underepresented Chapter and deserves some love. So I'm looking forward to more!

Mordian7th said...

Those turned out great, man - Awesome work!

neverness said...

Thanks everyone! So far I'm satisfied with how they are turning out too.