Sunday, April 23, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (Part 5)

The majority of the team is now finished:

Group shot.

The 3rd ed starter set guys.

The Vedros chaps from part 2

But the work is far from done.

I still need to model up a Special Weapons trooper. I decided to magnetize the options so I could customize the load outs if I wanted to. After much cutting,hacking and scrapping I had a hole large enough to insert the rare earth magnet that I wanted to use into the arm connection on the torso.

Hole for the magnet setting. 

I did likewise with the arms however I used smaller magnets for these. After a few tries with getting the polarity aligned properly I was successful with getting all three arms fully magnetized.

Magnet arms for Grav, Melta and Plasma guns. 

I made an exception with the gun options as I wanted to use a different style flamer. I found this classic miniature on ebay. He has the classic 2nd edition style flamer that I kind of prefer over the 3rd edition (and still current) version which I thinks looks more like a pressure washer.

As delivered from ebay.
I decided not to use the base extenders on this model, and I really didn't want to remove tab, so I had to custom cut a slot into a 32mm round base. This was a tougher than one would think it would be but my persistence paid off!

Custom slot! 
Next I glued grit to the base, as is my usual preference, so as to help it adhere better after the primer coat is sprayed on. The metal flamer was thinly painted in that tan color and it was so thin that I had no desire to strip that layer off. And as you'll see the gold paint had no problem at all coating over this.

Bases are prepped.
Miniatures primed gold.
And the models are prepped for full painting after priming them both with Krylon 18k Gold Plate spray paint. We'll see their continuing progress in a future installment of this series.

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