Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Daemonettes (Part 1)

As a natural transition from painting She-Who-Milks I turned my eye to trying this technique on some actual Daemonette models. My collection contains some of the original Slave to Darkness era models, some of the brilliant Juan Diaz sculpted ones, and a few boxes of the current plastics. I like them all despite their variety. The only miniatures I never really appreciated where the 2nd edition (40K) mid-'90s range with the overbearing lobster claws. They are not in my collection.

The Milkmaids of Slaanesh. 

I decided to paint the originals first. I always liked the character of these models, they don't require assembly, and they aren't as intimidating as the Diaz sculpts.

Nine original Daemonettes.
These following models have been in my collection for years now. I got them thru an internet auction and was going to strip off their paint but something about the vibe of these models held me back from doing so. That vibe is seriously Slaves to Darkness inspired and I once had half an urge to paint the rest of my models to go with them.

To strip or not to strip?
While I ponder their fate further, I chose 4 Daemonettes to paint first. Starting with a black primer I then prodeeded to use Warpfiend to paint their flesh, claws and chicken feet.

Warpfiend basecoat.
 Then came the Druchii Violet wash.

Druchii Violet wash. 
This was followed by a coat of Daemonette Flesh.

Daemonette Flesh.
 This was further followed by a layer of Warpfiend Flesh.

Warpfiend Flesh layer.
Followed by a top layer of Slaanesh Grey.

Slaanesh Grey. 
 I followed that with a Slaanesh Grey / White Scar mix for the flesh highlight. 

The finished models.

The hair and tail feathers were finished by using a Formula P3 Beaten Purple with Lucius Lilac dry brished over it followed by a Druchii Violet wash.

After that I did the eyes which I think I got mixed results from. I painted them black, then followed that with Caliban Green in the middle of the eye area and finished that with a dot of white. Looks creepy to me...

There you have it, the first few Daemonettes are done and they were fairly easy. These old models were all unique and some of them have sick details on them that you don't discover until you try to paint them. For example the bald one with the gold chest armor has a tiny Mark of Slaanesh carved into its forehead which is tricky as heck to paint. I look forward to seeing what surprises await me in the next batch...

Opps! Forgot the claws on their feet! NOW they are done!  

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