Sunday, June 04, 2017

Anniversary Marine Project (Part 3)

And here we are: not-quite-am-Iron Warrior marine is done!


Here are the last stages of his progress:

Assembling the arms was a tad tricky as the original left arm I selected wasn't going to work. So I found an alternate and it seems to work a lot better.

Painting the coils on the Plasma Gun took quite a few steps. Essentially I began with a Scab Red base, with Mephiston Red, which I mixed with an old Blood Angels Orange, with a highlight of Sunburst Yellow. I washed over this with a red ink glaze.

Shoulder pads!
The shoulder pads were finished after I put the Iron Warrior's decal on. I hope Adam doesn't mind that, i think they have one of few icons that could be used pre and post Heresy, but I could be wrong. Anyway, it was bitch to get it on and I had to apply many layers of Micro Set to make it work. But once I did, it was time to glue the whole thing together. And here he is completed:


Completed from the rear.

Back in anniversary-marine-project-part-1 I shared Adam's thoughts on how he would like the base done up. I think I did a pretty good job with getting all good and swampy with the colors, but I had left a few areas of the base exposed, which I colored, and these applied lots of gloss varnish to make it appear like a small pool or a puddle. I then added some grass tufts for a bit more a marshy feel. After I sealed the model outside with matte varnish, I decided a photo in natural light would be a neat idea. I positioned him on some dried mud (is a "dry creek" that runs next to my house) and I thought he looked right in this environment. 

Defender of the mucky-muck!
So that's a wrap! Thanks everyone for participating and celebrating our birthday over this past month, Also thanks again to our winner Adam for participating and choosing a new challenge for me to paint. I will be sending him to you as soon as I find an appropriate, and secure, box to send him in.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Be careful with that! Plasma guns can cause forest fires, which leads me to wonder what caused those in your neck of the woods some ways back...

neverness said...

I assure you that incident had nothing to do with munitions of any kind.

Now move along citizen...move along.