Sunday, March 11, 2018

Celestial Lions Land Speeder (Part 5)

So close to done it hurts.

Continuing on from Part-4, I focused on trying to make the gunner(s) magnetic. It was an excercise in tenacity but I managed to persevere. It took a lot of cutting, scrapping and fiddling to get it to a point where I was happy with them both.The joins are concealed fairly well and I will be able to take full advantage of the slide-bar if I choose too.

Magnetic torsos.
The gunner's arms were assembled by glueing them to the torso and quickly mounting the gun to the stabilizing rod and them glueing it to the grip in the shooter's hands. I did this with both sets of torsos allowing about 10 hours of curing time for each gunner torso. 

Heavy Bolter torso.
Both of the gunners magnetic option have turned out as I had hoped they would. Yay for the little victories! Now to get their iconography done.

Both the gunners together with their guns. 

Which leads to my next conundrum: the icons. Da Masta Cheef kindly suggested a seller on ebay who makes and sells many different and diverse iconography options in water tranfers. In particular spotted these Lion transfers he thought would work well for my needs, although in truth ge probably was just sick of me bitchibg about hand painting the Celestial Lions icons.

Lion icons.
However, although I like them, they just didn't work for my needs. And they were just too different in style from the ones I have been hand painting. So I will have to continue to hand paint the icons, and I am OK with that. There is a crude aspect about it that I like, that gives each marine a bit of their own character.

Compare and contrast.
Here is the Multimelta Gunner mounted into position after I attached his head. I have always thought tbis gun was a weird choice due to how big and LOS restricting it is. It must be difficult to aim at close ground targets unless the pilot angles and positions the Land Speeder just right.

Muti-melta gunner in position.

I added the driver's shield and the two steps as well. The steps needs a bit more paint though and they are bit too rusty at the moment. .

Driver's shield added.

Only a few touch-ups left (not much more) and of course the chapter icons need to be done which are going to be challenging as always. Watch out the next part to see how that turns out.


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Rory Priest said...

Looking well, so much gold!

Richard Mallet said...

Great painting! Could you post the link for the water slide transfers from Ebay, am looking to paint my Space Marines as Celestial Lions.