Monday, July 04, 2022

The Fallen Moon Page 9 (Art Monday)


This is the page where they reach the "fallen moon". It's also the page where I make the biggest mistake (IMHO) of the whole project by calling the marines "Astares" instead of Astartes. Oops. I guess if this was ever going to be printed I would make some sort of effort to try to correct it, but for now, I'm just going just let it be. I picked a rather obscure Chapter of marines from the Codex: Ultramarines (40k 2nd ed): the White Consuls. Seriously, at that time absolutely nothing had been done or written about these guys, They were just a color scheme. I figured their white scheme could allow be to some neat things with contrast and shadows in the following stories. 

Also, the Captain takes her hat from the hook on the back of her throne. It's not a real big deal, but going forward you'll see her wearing her hat. 

The first two panels are my favorite on the page. I just dig the space battle stuff. The black Prisma color pencil that I used on the planet holds up really well and I wish I used it more. 

If I re-did this page I would probably only change that last panel. When you see the next page it'll make sense why I chose an extreme close up to end this page with. But looking at just the page, I think it would make a little more sense to pull it bavk a bit and show the monitor that she is speaking into. But that's a minor thing; I'm always looking at my stuff wondering how I could make it better.

Tune in next week; it's one of my favorite pages from this whole project. 

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