Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pods to Drop and Lands to Raid (part four)

It has been a very busy week for me! So what little of my free time that could devote to the Landraider project, was spent trying to figure out how to magnetize the side sponsons. The reasons for doing this is so that I can swap the weapon types for the game, also remove them during play (when they get blown -or ripped- off) and to help get a better look inside of it. In the pic above, you'll see elements of my first attempt to magnetize this. I used really small rare-earth magnets that I drilled and inserted into the 'jam' part of the threshold and door insert. Although these would hold the door panel just fine, when the rest of the sponson (i.e. the guns) was glued on it was just too heavy.

So put a bigger, more powerful magnet on top the jam from under the track-guard (you can see the silvery semi-circle in the pic above), and although this would hold it, it still wasn't stable enough. So, I added another of the bigger magnets on the back of the door itself, and this seems to do the trick rather well.

And here is a snap-shot of both sponsons staying on the sides of the tank. BTW, I had to tear apart and rebuild the first sponson since I last posted due to how stiff the guns moved. It is now no longer an issue!

Ok, since my first blog post (Genesis) I've bought a new cam, and tonight I retook pics of the minis in that post. Here they are:

I intend to show-case more of my miniature collection as this blog continues. Enjoy!

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