Sunday, May 22, 2011

Orky Love

I was recently asked "when are you going to show us some Orky love?" So, knowing I was going out of town and wanted to post some gallery pics, I took a few pics of some more recently finished ork models.

This is my Ork Warlord, Ror Ruk. This is the 2.0 version however. The original was a very old Ork Chaos Renegade (google it) that never got a paint job. However, the Orks have grown over the years and he was starting  to look quite weedy compared to his peers. So along came this slight conversion complete with, um. ammo squig.

The powerklaw is from the 3rd ed metal Ork Dreadnought. I just hacked off the attacksquig, pinned it, put an old plastic Space Marine comlink over the hole, and green-stuffed the join on the leather bit connecting to the arm and klaw. I'm thrilled with how well this model came out.

But every Ork needs a ride, right? (and make it red so it can go fasta!)

This is a Gorkamorka trukk, one of many that I have, that I finally got around to painting last summer. I do like the new trukks better, however, I'm of the might set that ork vehicles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. My other trukks have bits from the new style trukks on them. (the boarding planks work well on these smaller trukks.)

On the scrap sheet metal parts welded all over this trukk, I thought it would be cool to have as a bit of contrast a colored part from a Space Marine vehicle, so I chose an Ultramarine icon for this honor. And considering how many Ultramarines my orks slaughtered over the past 20 years, it only seemed fitting... :)

Here's a fantasy ork from the 6th ed Warhammer Fantasy Battle starter set that I'm quite proud of.

The rust on his blade (sword of tetanus) I'm particularly fond of. This was given to me by a friend who was flirting with becoming an Outrider with GW, but ultimately dropped the idea. He did something cleaver by using metal rods that holds the torso to the body allowing it to be separated from the legs and joined to another set of legs on a war-boar:

Quite ingenious, and very handy in the WHFB game as well!

Probably a good spot to talk about the flesh tones that I use for the Orks. The first Ork models that I ever saw painted in White Dwarf look a lot like this, and the guy who convinced me to play Orks (Trev) had a pre-painted fantasy orc that he got from a shop in England. We based our technique off of that model. Over the years i have refined it as so: Base Coat of Dark Angels green, a thin semi-watered down coat of bilious green, followed by a solid highlight of bilious green. Then a I generate a mix of green and yellow ink, mixed to about the same color of anit-freeze. I thin this and use it as a glaze. I will then pick out the highlights with bilious green again, apply a highlight of Applebarrel Kiwi, and lastly a very thin highlight of sunburst yellow. As you can imagine, it takes quite a bit of time. Here's a unit of troops I've been dabbling on for close to 2 years now:

I hope you enjoyed this. I will return with more Orky Love in the future, but it may be awhile as I'm currently focused on finishing up some Space Wolf items, which I can only get to between business trips it seems...



Da Masta Cheef said...

What's that last pic supposed to be, an Ork pizza?

Rob fielded his Orks against me last Monday, first time I've seen those on the table in years. Fittingly, his Orks had the same problem with My plague marines as mine do with his when the tables are turned.

neverness said...

Ork pizza indeed! With extra grots, but hold the squigs. :)

So, I take it you won? Who doesn't have a hard time taking on Plague Marines with Orks? They're a bit effective in 5th Edition I think...

Warflake said...

Ah yes! Gorkamorka Trukk! I have 3 of these painted up from the boxset from years ago. Orks always have a soft spot in my heart.
Really great stuff man.

neverness said...

Thanks Warflake... I have a lot of these trukks, and will be building them all slightly differently. This one was fairly 'vanilla' in the sense that I did little to modify it. I really HATE the drivers though, and found it challenging to paint such pure examples of suck. LOL, luckily I aquired some of the metal bodies that GW used to sell as bitz (I miss the bitz program!) so my future trukks should have a lot of variety. Accept, of course, they'll be red...