Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pods to drop and Lands to Raid (part five)

I've managed to come a long way with this since my last post, staying up later and tinkering away at it. Actually, this stage tends to go fast for me, assuming I actually apply myself. The pic above shows the mid-coat on the hull, but here I actually mixed with 1 part brown ink, 2 parts flesh wash ink, and 2 parts water and ink wash over all the tracks. In the next pic you'll see why I did this, as the Frag Defender explosives that attach to the front of the track section was blending in way too much with the tracks.

I'm still not satisfied with these however. You can see a 'crux' pattern on the Frag Launchers, and I think I will pick them out with a bit more color...

The next batch of photos show the application of the mid-coat along the hull sections:

In between this stage and  the next, I dabbled a bit on the Lander Speeder crew and one of the crewmen for the Land Raider:

Next I applied the same technique as I did for the mid coat to the top coat. I did this by taking GW Space Wolf Gray, watering it down, and liberally 'dabbled' it on top the areas of the mid coat closer to an edge. At the edge I applied a solid line of Space Wolves Gray.

Oh, and I assembled the front twin-linked Assault Cannons as well!

The Space Wolf Gray stage went fairly quick, the next stage will be to add the highlight of Skull White to select edges, and the bolts,then the hull will be done and at which point I'll have the final detailing to do. (Have you noticed all the skulls dotting this damned thing?) Also I want to add either a unit marking or something else colorful on this tank, as I want it to look a bit more interesting than it currently does...

And finally, this is it's current state with the addition of the housing that covers the Assault Cannons.

Let's see what I can get done before I leave town again for business...

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Da Masta Cheef said...

A skull on every surface Joel, it's the way of sculpting for GW.