Thursday, April 09, 2015

Blood on the snow

How's that for a title? On April 3rd I played a game with Scott and Skylar, where Skylar and I, being aware of the Emperor's bogus claims of divinity,  teamed up to take on Scott's loathsome Imperial Guard Scions. My Worldeaters would take to the field in what I considered to be something of test run for me, as the last time they saw action they were a support element for a Daemon host. Today, I was daemon-free, but instead allied with Skylar's Traitor Guard. Skylar and I had 1,000 points each to Scott's 2,000 points. 

Due to really not wanting to write another massive battle report, I focused my photos on my own forces. 

My deployment was fairly straight forward. I had a line of Chaos Space Marines along the Aegis Defense line to provide cover, while the smaller unit (on the other side of the Vindicator in the pic below) would jump onto the first objective. The Land Raider (Blood dumpster!) would rumble up ahead and take the Khorne Bereserkers to the closest meat for them to carve. While the Vindicator would try to kill as much stuff as possible. 

 I got something (a Warlord Trait I think?) that allowed me to infiltrate a unit of Troops, so I moved the smaller unit that had been joined by the Terminator Lord, to the ruined Land Raider.

Being sneaky
 Below was Scott;s deployment zone, looking down the line from the board edge nearest my side of the board.

Turn One, and I rushed forward as I planned. My shooting was fairly modest, taking some hull points away from a few vehicles, whereas Skylar laid waste to a good chunk of Scott's tanks. Latter in the game we would figure out that we were using Skylar's Master of Ordanance incorrectly making his barrage attack way more effective than it should have been (oops!). But at least that asshole Col Pask was dead (I swear, that guy is ALWAYS on the table when I face guard!).

Then end of Chaos Turn one, my side of the field.
Somehow I managed to overlook and underestimate the firepower of the scions and their damned hot-shot lasers. My warlord was killed along with his 5 man unit when a squad of Scions jumped out of one of those Taurox APCs and blasted them to hell. This also earned Scott a Warlord VP.

The white space between the wrecked LR and the IG is where my Warlord died . 
Also on Scott's turn he had an amusing die roll that resulted in his dice stacking! We had quite a good laugh at that, as it's a pretty uncommon sight in our club.

Stacked on the die roll!
After this I knew I had to get the Khorne Berserkers on to the table as soon as possible or else this just wasn't going to end well at all. Most of Scott's attention thus far was on making Sklyar's 2 Basilisks disappear (which he did!).

The Blood Dumpster kept whittling away at the sentinels, and Bersekers deployed from it. Of course the Berserkers surrounded the Imperial Guardsmen, and amazingly when my 3 plasma pistol wielding Berserkers fired I roll two 1's and a 2! LOL

Attempted plasmacide take one. 
Luckily they made their saves! LOL! The Worldeaters on the bunker roof however had a normal Plasma gun in the squad, and he was successful committing plasmacide, leaving only and angry vapor behind...

Anyway, the Berserkers made incredibly short work of those guardsmen and followed up on the scions, wiping most of the them out as well, but from shooting.

On the round following that, they double-charged those funny looking Taurox things (I do like them better in person, even though those little tracks still confound me).

And yes, they wrecked them!
While Skylar was all but tabled, and the hour was getting late, we pressed on for a final round. The sole surviving Scion made his way back to the objective to contest it, however he got greedy and attempted to get a side armor shot on my weakened vindicator, only to roll snake-eyes on his Get's Hot check!

Yeah, this post was almost called "Plasmacide!" LOL

It was a good game, which we wobbled back and forth on in the end between figuring out who really won this blood bath. I'm sure it was Scott though. Skyler had a unit holding an objective that broke at the very end of the match, and that pretty much decided it.

Oh, and for the record this game was played without the use of cardboard. :)


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