Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kharn!!! (Feeling Khorney Part 4)

Kharn's blister card. 
Last Spring/summer. during my "feeling khorney" phase, I started working on the poster boy of all things Khornate in the Warhammer 40,000 universe: Mr. Kharn the Betrayer himself! I had the model for awhile now. He was acquired back when GW US Mail Order used to run these amazing blister pack blowout deals where you would get a box of randomly assorted blister packs that they were deleting to make rooms for new versions. (Ah, those were the days!) This particular blister pack was intended for sale in another country (which I thought was kind of cool) and he stayed in his card and plastic home all mint condition and snug for many years. That is until the early days of last summer when I saw fit to finally throw some paint on him.

He was not alone however, and as part of my "feeling Khorney series" I also opened up a blister pack that contained a Khorne Berserker standard bearer. He is going to join up a unit of Khorne Berserkers that I also started to work on around the beginning of last summer. It's the "newer" set with the zany dance poses and bigger blood-bunny ears. Here he is below, having his arm pinned.

Pinning on an arm. 
The next thing I did was glue some grit onto their bases and prep them for priming.

Bases prepped. 
Again, I used Tester's Red Brown enamel paint for that. Then the standard bearer and Kharn were base coated, and that's as far as I got at that point...

Standard Bearer base coated.
Kharn is seen below, and he is quite probably the last miniature I worked on before moving out the place I was living at and, well, basically restarting my life.

Kharnes base coat.
Now here we are in April 2015 and I have a hankering to get this chainaxe wielding loony painted and onto a gaming table!
Blood Red! Who can paint Khorne without it?
Mid coated added. 
Here he is mostly done. I decided I wanted to make the chains that are wrapped around his arm appear to be old and weathered. Usually when I see this model painted the chains look so shiny and new that he looks like he just ripped off a DIY store!

Mostly done.
Kharn's axe, Gorechild, deserved special attention. I painted it using my typical blend of metallic bronze/copper tones, but after applying a highlight of a color called Red Copper, I gave the axe head a thick wash of Red ink. I think this came out looking quite cool (so far) and I will probably leave it at this stage because I think I will liberally splatter Blood for the Blood God all over it anyway.

This is the current work-in-progress state of this model, and the Standard Bearer hasn't had anything done to him at all. Hopefully the next "Khorney" update, Kharn will be done and I will have made progress on the Standard Bearer.


Kushial said...

Now Joel, you know when you field some Khorne, it's going to get popped and creamed.

Nice to see you still making progress on them though.

neverness said...

Actually, the last two games were very fun! I will post another battle report featuring them later in the week. Oh, and I also have a Bolt Action post in the works as well.