Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kharn and friends vs. Grey Knights

This Friday before last, I got to play again with the Khorne boys, but at a higher point level. We agreed to play 1750, however I accidentally left my bikers home and he was able to drop a unit with the same point cost, so we played at approximately 1580 points.I was playing my Khorne force led by Kharn the Betrayer, and using the Chaos Codex. Scott H. was fielding his Grey Knights. This is the first time Scott and I have had a chance to play each other in well over 10 years!

My deployment
The only non-khornate force in this list are a squad of Plague Marines. Despite the red wrapper, they would be hitching a ride in the Land Raider. This mission has objectives, each one is in our respective deployment zone.  His whole army is using a formation that allows him to Deep Strike everyone, therefore he has no set-up.  So we begin, with first two of Scott's forces beaming in...

"We have arrived!"
An impressive display of firepower was launched against the Berserker unit that contained Kharn, as Scott was doing what he could to decapitate my army in the first round. However, he only managed to mow down half the unit.

Just imagine the corpse pile in the middle. 
On my turn I maneuvered the Land Raider closer to the Terminators so as to take advantage of the Dirge Caster's ability to shut down my enemy's Overwatch. This worked a lot better than the shooting, which for the most part was ineffective, although I did whittle away one or two before I had the Berserkers and the Hellbrute charge in. However, I botched the Berserkers charge roll, leaving the Hellbrute on it's own. It did manage to kill a few Grey Knight Terminators on this round before falling to the Grey Knights.

The Bloodbrute charges in
On the 2nd round, a very note worthy even happened on Scott's turn as his Interceptors attacked my Chaos Space Marine unit with the Mark of Khorne. A lot of them were chewed up by the CSM's shooting in the previous turn and by their Overwatch fire when they initiated their assault, However my Champion had to challenge his Sgt, and well, it didn't go well for the champ!

"Seriously, there can be only one."
The CSMs broke from this and were swept away by the halberd wielding fiend!

Kharn's unit of Berkers where all but swept away by this point by the firepower unleashed against them by remainder of Scott's army who all arrived on Turn two.  On my Turn two, I sent Kharn over to eliminate the Interceptor Sgt, as he just had to go!

Kharn and the Berserker shoot the Interceptor Sgt. 
I had the Landraider tangling with the Terminators on my right flank, while the Vindicator was lobbing shots at the send group, which was starting to whittle them down with AP2 death.

Scott sent the sole survivor of the unit that killed the Hellbrute over to take the objective away from the other CSM unit, and after some amazingly bad rolling for me (see below) the Terminator was able to kill enough of my guys to force them to route off of the objective!

I switched to my big dice for this game. It mattered not! LOL
This left Kharn to run over on the next round to finally get a go at some hand-to-hand blood letting, only to have the (now rallied) CSMs shoot the guy to death!

"Seriously?!" He said, outraged. 
In the previous turn my Landraider had been lucky to survive an assault from the Grey Knight Terminators, and I had tried to tank-shock them and to capitalize on the Destroyer Blades rigged up to the front of this thing. They failed their route test, but were able to rally (you know, 'cause they Know No Fear), and charge the Land Raider again and blowing it up on the last turn of the game, liberating the Plague Marines within.
Last shot of the game
The game pretty much ended there, with Scott getting 1VP for First Blood, and my CSMs being the only ones to be holding an Objective, earning 3 VP, which managed to pull off a win for the forces of Chaos! Oddly enough, Kharn, close-combat nightmare incarnate, never managed to make it into an assault the whole game! Also, another fun aspect of this game: the entire battle took place on just half of the board!

Throughout the game, I kept making most of my "Deny the Witch" rolls! This was definitely a factor in stymieing the Grey Knights plans!

So far, I like how this force is starting to work in the game. I used it again the following Friday, and it was a radically different game. Stay tuned for that report soon.

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