Sunday, May 13, 2018

Venom (Part 3)

After I took the rubberbands off, it was time to for the next stages. I painted the platform that the passengers and gunner stand on. I used Tin Bitz with Shinning Gold drybrushed over it. That was for the platform itself, the rest of it was painted to conform to the rest of the Venom.

Rear platform attached.
I painted the control panel that the pintel mounted Spinter Cannon attaches too prior to attaching it to the Venom.

Rear view. 

Next, I decided to tackle the canopy. I probably won't attach it to the Venom until closer to the end, but I wanted to get it painted regardless. Note that I am painting both canopies for contingency reasons (in case I screw one up) and also so I can just pick whichever one turns out to be my favorite. I followed the steps from a box that was on page 23 of White Dwarf Weekly #35 (Sometimes it was actually worth buying). 

From WD Weekly #23*
 Luckily I had some Imperial Primer, but since I never use the stuff it was seperated. I had to take a stick and aggressively mix it for about 5 minutes until it was thick and consistent again. I couldn't use the suggested putty method that they recommend, so I decided break out my modeling claw thingy from Testors.

Deployment of the claws.
Once the canopies were in place,  I painted on the Imperial Primer. It was not an easy task and I had to do multiple layers before I satisfied enougb to go to the next step.

Following all the stages I outlined in the previous post, I painted both canopy stanchions while they were on the claws. In case you're wondering, I painted both just in case I messed one up.

Painted stanchions.

I shall stop here with some sound advice from Da Masta Cheef :

"Don’t clearcoat that canopy, it’ll fog out, put it on the venom after that step."

He is totally right of course, so we will save that ritual for last.

*snippet from White Dwarf is (c) Games Workshop LTD and used here for reference only, and without permission, and not as a challenge to said copywrite.

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