Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Venom (Part 5)

The Venom is ready to fly! 
And here we are at the finish, but first let's check out the final completion stages of this model. After way too much time lost in a state of scrutiny, I settled on how I wanted to arrange the Bladevanes and the Chain-Snares.

Bladevanes attached.

I also finished the interior HUD glyphs by filling them in using a delicately placed application of thinned Vallejo Game Color Livery Green. I think the results really pop and contrast wonderfully against the reds on this model.

Finiabed HUDs. 
Back to the bottom, and I decided to attach the Chain-Snares next to the Bladevanes. The in-game benefits are just too good to leave off of the model and they add a great sense of menace and malice.
Chain-snares attached.

Then it was time to attach the gunner and the pintel mounted Splinter Cannon.

Gunner and gun glued into place.
And there, it is essentially done! The only thing left to do was to attach the canopy, which I did using Testor's Clear Parts Cement. I have been holding on to this unopened bottle since the day I bought it, which was on the same day that I got the Waaagh Plane five years ago.

Canopy attached. 

I am thrilled with how this came out and I am eager to do more with this army. I have a 2nd Venom which I think I will put the trophy rack on. I like the idea of having a few of these, each with subtle differences from each other.

View of the rear section.
The only concern I have with this thing, other than storage which I think won't be that big of a deal, is the flight stand. I thought it would hold the model on it's own but it doesn't do a very good job of this. I am probably going to have modify it somehow with magnets.

Ready to fly out and catch some slaves.
I wanted to take some shots outside in the natural light and in the moss, but the weather has not been cooperative, so I hope these pics on the Red Tool Box Of Judgment do it justice.

Thanks again for your support.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Looks FANTASTIC!!! When can you paint mine?

neverness said...


joe m. said...

Looks great, love the paint scheme! Well done!

neverness said...

Thanks Joe, I look forward to doing more with this army!