Sunday, February 10, 2019

Intercessors of Fenris (Part 4)

I have been picking and poking at these guys since the holidays. They are almost done!  What follows are the steps that got me this far.
Almost done! 

Here is the Sergeant for squad one, getting his mid-coats applied. It's one of the few times that I used my Citadel Hobby Handle, or remembered to take a photo while the model was still mounted on it.

Mid-coats applied.
And here he is again with Bugman's Glow as a flesh basecoat and Mournfang Brown for the hair.
Sgt with mid-coats.

The other three (unfinished) guys from this squad got their mid-coats done also.  Here  they await the final stages...

Waiting for their completion...
As I painted these guys, I seemed to paint the trio of regular troopers together and focus on the Sergeant separately. This has worked out well I think. Here he is with his armor painted up to the top color, Space Wolves Grey, and with his flesh painted with Cadian Flesh.

Space Wolves Grey.
Here they are as collective, awaiting the final highlights and details.

Last steps before highlighting.
The Sergeant has his armor highlighted with White Scar, and his flesh is painted with Kislev Flesh. The only thing left to do is pick put a few details (gem stone, the skulls on the base, etc.). The others are now up to this level also (see top pic). I think I have to pause here, but the next post in this series should see this squad completed.

... almost done! 


Siph_Horridus said...

Yeah rocking looking squad, love the little wolf-y bits. Are you drilling the barrels, not a biggy but I noticed. How do you rate the painting handle, I am a convert, I prefer it to the paint pot and sticky tac I used to use. It is a lot firmer grip on the base of the mini so less liable to fall off mid session, the angle is sometimes blocked by the handle size, but I just rotate the mini and normally that frees up the desired angle.

neverness said...

Thanks again.
Yeah, I have gotten away from drilling barrels. I find that that either I make the hole too small, or it's not symmetrical, or both, and it irritates me to the point that I spent far too much time on it than it was worth. So lately I have been painting a ring around the barrel with Mitheral Silver and no one seems to notice because it looks better!

I like the handle! I never mounted my miniatures before, except in extreme circumstances, so I rarely remember to use it. But when I do, it is 😁

Waaargh Pug said...

Good looking squad, man! I like them quite a bit.

Rory Priest said...

They are looking well, will you go full primaris for your Wolves?

Never seen the use of the handle personally but whatever works for you. :)