Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Inquisitional Conclave 2022 -Week 2


I wish there was a miniature of this model by John Blanche. Anyway, welcome back to the Inquisitional conclave. Some progress updates by our contributors so far:

Da Masta Cheef has completed one miniature so far, 
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Tibadaux

He has a retinue in progress as well, but more importantly he has finished another Inquisitor also. Da Cheef has been an active hobbiest this season. 

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Wezley Sharlz Vinderthoff the III

At first I misread "the III" as "the ill" and I couldn't help but to wonder what foul warp affliction Da Cheef was making this guy suffer through...

Over on Devos IV Zzzzzz was whipped out a Throne Agent with a bit too much Xenos influence. And an impressive and esoteric retinue to accompany them. 

All is not as it seems...

And I made some progress as well on my model. 

Lord Inquisitor Kyra Draxus WIP.

Over on Twitter danvers-rfw started a Show Me Your Inquisitors thread that has some interesting miniatures that I think you should check out. 

And that's all the updates for this week. I might not have an update next week as I will be heading to the "local" Warhammer store to order the store anniversary Inquisitor model. It's always a bit of a day trip to go down to Knoxville. 

Meanwhile if you wish to have your Inquisitor join the Conclave there is still plenty of time to contribute.  



Anonymous said...

Best of luck and progress, I’m away this year on the crinkly brine - Siph_Horridus

neverness said...

Thanks Siph! Safe travels to ya mate!

Marc van Holst said...

I just picked up the GW store anniversary Inquisitor on Saturday, do you think it is too late to have a go at the challenge?

neverness said...

If you can get it done by September 3rd, you'll be fine! I would love to see one of those miniatures make it into this year's

Zzzzzz said...

I would contest that they are throne agents. More like a Xenos embassy whose aims and objectives find themselves to be temporarily aligned with His Most Holy Ordos (during the war on Devos IV).

But there are similarities with an =I= field team. There is an obvious leader who is probably the most capable individual accompanied by a team of specialists. Obviously there are the two individuals with two handed swords, two individuals with pole weapons and two individuals with two handed chainblades. The lack of ranged weaponry is puzzling, but may give our savants a clue as to their purpose.