Thursday, August 11, 2022

Lord Inquisitor Kyra Draxus (Part 2)

 Progress continues on Lord Inquisitor Kyra Draxus. Or my interpretation of her anyway. 

The black armor she wears was painted using Abaddon Black.. I am either going to paint her like the example GW uses on the packaging or using the scheme I use on my Dark Eldar. Either way,  I feel like her armor is based off of the Dark Eldar's  design, so I feel that's the direction to go in. I painted her Mohawk using a Magenta Ink that I have had since the '00s. It was a flip-tip lid and amazingly it hasn't dried up. Anyway, I thinned it out a bit and used it like a Contrast Paint to get the effect I wanted. Actually most of this model was painted in Contrast Paint ad this stage. The bones, including the wraithbone of the Shurikan Catapult, was painted using a Contrast Paint called Skeleton Horde. I absolutely LOVE this color! 

The dark areas of the cloak was painted using a thinned Dark Reaper. Then the whole cloak was washed with Space Wolves Grey Contrast Paint. It was an interesting look, but it's not quite how I wanted it to turn out, so I will be doing a bit more to work on this in the middle coat stage. 

The lil' dragon was painted using a Militarum Green and Warp Lightning Contrast Paints. It's an interesting effect so far. 

Progress shall continue soon! 

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DAM said...

Coming along great!