Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chaos Bikers (part 2)

Since last time I have made more progress on my Chaos Biker Aspiring Champion with the Mark of Khorne. (That's quite a title huh?).

In the last post on this subject I left it with a question regarding how I should arm the rider. I decided to go with a suggestion from one of the commentators to use a mutation arm, which is ambiguous enough to be counted as whatever I want to count it as.

As with the rest of my Khorne maniacs, the painting process for the armor began with a base coat of Scab Red, followed by thinned layers of Blood Red which were blended up to a more solid coat of Blood Red, then highlighted with Ruby Red.  That's essentially the formula I use for my "Khornate Red" armor.

In the pic below you can see more work has been done. I base coated the stretched flesh seat covering (an aside: imagine somewhere in the Eye of Terror there exists a business that caters to the space borne chaos marauders upholstery items made exclusively from conquered foes or loyal slaves or whateever else they could catch and skin...).

Also the skulls were completed as I painted them at the same time I was painting the skulls for another model. The mutated arm was base coated in scab red. Not entirely sure how I am going to tackle that exactly but I have some ideas...

Bigger difference than I thought!
And finally for this update: I decided to re-base my bikes to the round bases after deciding that ultimately the square bases look stupid with them. This leave me with a TON of calvary bases for WHFB that I don't need. This topic may splinter off into another one as I have some ideas on how not to let those go to waste... ;)


Waaargh Pug said...

Looking good dude! I have a contingent of Dark Angels I'm ever slowly working on, we should battle!

Greg Hess said...

Extra bases can be used from everything from terrain objectives, to cutting up and using as debris on other bases. Endless uses for them!