Monday, August 24, 2015

Plotting the path to Gorkamorka

I talked about Gorkamorka in my recent post about my Ork Nob painting project. I have been pondering building up the rest of his mob. I have a lot of orks, some models go back to the earliest Rogue Trader range.  So with that in mind, I hope to use this local Gorkamorka resurgence to get a few of my old models (finally) painted.

Starting off, I dug through a bag of extra metal orks I have and found the original Runtherd and an 'ere we go! era Mekboy. These two are definitely going into the mob!

I really liked the Gorkamorka range of grots but never got any. Looking on ebay, it doesn't make any sense to pay those kind of prices and the current plastics will suffice perfectly and I get that plastic Runtherd with the squighound which I like a lot. So I splurged and got it from a local game store.

Digging through my boxes of blister packs I came across some Gorkamorka packs that I was saving for future Ork projects. Including some yoofs and another Mekboy!

...some gubbinz,

...and a bunch of weapons:

Also there are these guys:

That's  a mutie gang! I bought these guys on clearance  at Games Day '99 in Baltimore. They have been patiently waiting for their time to shine, and maybe this is it? We'll see but for now I am putting them back into storage. And yes, GW used to use the word "clearance" along with the word "sale". Which is why I have 3 boxed sets of Gorkamorka in which to build up this ork mob in addition  to some of the things above. So if you want to see what I make out of all of this, just stay tuned for future updates...


Da Masta Cheef said...

For anyone who doesn't know, Neverness has entire 2nd thru 4th ed 40k armies equal in model count to our current FLGS' 40k inventory, and its all still factory sealed!!!

neverness said...

....sadly, it's true. More models than I can probably paint in my lifetime. *sigh*